Remote (Work From Home) Jobs With Weekends Off

Looking for legitimate work from home jobs that will give you those normal 9-5 hours?

It’s a bit difficult to find isn’t it? So many remote and work from home jobs require weekend hours or even taking a night shift!

But don’t worry, I got you! I’ve done all the research, and I’ll share with you 10+ places that have openings for remote jobs with weekends off, and I’ll also give you some tips on how you can find even more jobs that fit your schedule.

Jobs With Weekends Off:

  1. Sales
  2. Customer Support
  3. Tech Support
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Retail Merchandiser
  6. Medical Biller and Coder

Now let’s talk about the specific industries and the companies that are currently hiring!


If you’re looking for work from home jobs where you can make a commission and work 9-5 with weekends off, sales could be a great choice for you!

Companies That Hire Remote Sales Reps:

  • Bernard – Bernard is a company that helps other companies outsource their customer service. They have remote jobs that will give you the weekends off.
  • FROSCH – FROSCH is a company in the travel industry that works with other businesses. The hours are 11am-8pm Monday – Friday.
  • NexRep – Hires work from home sales reps to do inbound and outbound sales calls. The outbound sales positions have available hours between 9-9, and inbound have shifts available 24/7.

If you’re interested in other remote sales jobs, you can check our list of work from home call center jobs.

Customer Support

Customer support is another great option for people who want to work from home AND who want to have 9-5 hours.

Customer support is also great for people with little experience since most of the time all you need is a computer and a headset to get hired!

Companies That Hire Remote Customer Support Reps:

  • BroadPath – Hires customer service reps and insurance claims processers. There are quite a few positions where you can work weekdays only.
  • CE Broker – Hires customer service reps to work business hours (8-5, Monday – Friday)
  • Concentrix – Hires customer service reps to work Monday – Friday.
  • Emerge BPO – Hires customer service reps to work weekdays.

If you’re interested in other customer service jobs, you can check our list of work from home call center jobs.

Tech Support

If you’re tech-savvy and patient, you could have a career in tech support!

There are tons of tech support jobs available, but a lot of them require weekend and/or night hours. But don’t worry, there are quite a few remote tech support jobs where you can get weekends off!

Companies That Hire Remote Tech Support Reps:

  • ABC Financial – Hires tech support reps to support customers who use their CSM software.
  • Accolade Support – Hires customer service and tech support reps.
  • Apple – Hires tech support reps (I love this one!).

If you’re interested in other tech support jobs, you can see our list of work from home tech support jobs.

Virtual Asistant

Have you ever heard of virtual assistants? No?

Well, they’re people who help business owners with their businesses. They’re similar to regular assistants, only their work is done virtually, and their services might include more technical things like blog post writing, social media management, and more.

You can be a general virtual assistant, or you can be a more specialized virtual assistant like a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants:

  • Belay – Hires US-based virtual assistants to help clients by doing things like gathering data, managing inboxes, booking travel, coordinating projects, managing schedules, and more. You will work business hours (8-5 Monday – Friday).

Retail Merchandiser

This might be another job you haven’t heard of!

A retail merchandiser helps companies see how their products are displayed in a store. Usually, they will go into stores and take pictures and notes of how the items are displayed. They also might set up some displays themselves.

Companies That Hire Retail Merchandisers:

If you’d like to see more companies that hire retail merchandisers, check out our post.

Medical Biller and Coder

Medical Billers and Coders help bill the insurance companies and patients for the services that the patients had.

You can usually find medical biller and coder jobs that have a 9-5 format or that are incredibly flexible (you can work whenever you like, you just need to meet your weekly goals).

If you’re interested in Medical Billing and Coding you can check out our article all about it. We talk about all the companies that hire remote medical billers and coders, where you can get training to become a medical biller and coder, and how much you can make!

Companies That Hire Medical Coders:

  • nThrive – Hires remote medical coders. The schedule is Monday-Friday. 3+ Years of experience is needed. The base pay is $25-$30 (according to GlassDoor).
  • Wellstar – Hires remote medical coders. The medical coder positions usually have a Monday-Friday schedule where you work daytime hours.

Check out more companies that hire remote medical billers and coders!

Where to Find Other Jobs With Weekends Off

If you want to find some other jobs that fit your schedule, you should start your search at companies that offer services to other businesses (usually called B2B). Since these businesses serve other businesses, they usually work 8-5 type hours Monday – Friday.

Another way to find these jobs is to look for jobs that are more flexible!

These flexible jobs can take the form of independent contractor jobs, ways to make extra cash, doing some sort of freelance work like graphic design, writing, or even starting your own business like reselling!


If you want a job that fits your schedule (gives you weekends off) there are quite a few options!

If you don’t have a lot of experience, try looking for customer service jobs first!

Good luck!