How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (And Make Money)

Do you love using pinterest?

You know you can use that to get a work from home job?!

You could have a real work from home job where you can make real money by using Pinterest to help businesses grow!

What I’m talking about is becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant!

I’ll go through all the details, including how what a Pinterest virtual assistant is, what a Pinterest virtual assistant does, and how YOU could become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Wait what’s a virtual assistant?

Before we start talking about what a Pinterest virtual assistant is, let’s talk about just being a regular virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who helps business owners with certain parts of their businesses.

Virtual assistants can do things like email management, social media management, blog post writing, and more!

What is a Pinterest virtual assistant?

A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone that helps a business or individual with their Pinterest marketing.

Why should you become a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Did you know there were over 335 million active Pinterest users in 2019?!

This means there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to get their content and products in front of Pinterest users.

This is where you come in!

There is a lot of work available for Pinterest virtual assistants who have the skills needed to get results for clients.

How much can you make as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

You can make anywhere from $15-$50+ an hour as a Pinterest virtual assistant!

You could easily make a full-time income as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

What services do Pinterest Virtual Assistants (VAs) Offer?

Pinterest VAs can help with things like creating pins, creating a Pinterest pinning plan, and can sometimes help with Pinterest ads.

More specifically they can do:

  • Pinterest profile set up (set up the client’s profile, and start them out with some initial boards)
  • Pinterest profile optimization (take an existing profile and help add keywords, and optimize boards or create new boards that are properly optimized)
  • Design pins (graphic design)
  • Pinning (either scheduling pings through Tailwind or manually pinning)
  • Group boards (group board management or applying to group boards).
  • Pinterest ads (setting up Pinterest ads or optimizing existing Pinterest ads)

What are the requirements for becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

To become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant you really only need a working computer and interenet. No other equpiment is needed.

To be a GREAT Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it could be helpful to have some technical skills like:

  • Knowing the current best practices – You should be keeping up with the best practices on Pinterest. This will make sure you’re doing the right things when working with clients that will actually produce results.
  • Pin creation – You could offer a service where you just do the pinning, but you could make more money (and land more clients) if you also know how to create effective pins.
  • Pinterest SEO – You should definitely know how to do keyword research and how to write good descriptions.

Where can you learn to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

If you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed from all the information, don’t worry.

There’s actually courses out there that you can take to help you learn how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

The Profitable Pinterest Manager

The Profitable Pinterest Manager was created by Amanda from The Rising CEO. She has YEARS of experience as a Pinterest Manager / VA and brings all of that knowledge to this course.

The course is taken over 8 weeks and you will learn how to create a signature service, set your rates, how to get clients, how to build systems, and more!

Become a Pinterest VA

Become a Pinterest VA is a course created by Kristina Larsen (who is also an experienced Pinterest VA).

The course will teach you about 9 services you can offer as a Pinterest VA, how to find clients, all about the onboarding process, and more.

You will also learn the specific skills you need to be a great Pinterest VA including a refresher on using Pinterest, how to prep a client’s account, etc.

How do you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

If you have the Pinterest knowledge and you think you’re ready to start taking on clients, it’s actually a straightforward process.

To become a full-fledged Pinterest VA, you first need to think of what services you will offer.

Will you do pin design? Manage people’s Pinterest account? Maybe a combination of both?

Once you know what services you will offer, you need to price your service and then find clients.

You can advertise right on Pinterest, you can also share your services on Facebook on a page and/or on various Facebook groups.

Once you get a client or two you can onboard and start serving your clients.

Keep track of your client’s progress on Pinterest so you can share with them how your services are helping (and maybe you could get a testimonial out of it).

Also, make sure you bill your clients and you receive your payment on time (of course).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone that helps a business or individual with their Pinterest marketing.