PaidViewpoint Review (Can You Really Make Money?) [Updated For 2021]

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Taking surveys for money is one of the best ways to make extra cash. There are no startup costs, and you could literally get started TODAY.

But… It can be hard to find a legitimate survey website that is actually legitimate.

PaidViewpoint is a website where you can earn money by taking surveys. In this post I’ll give you all the details, including how to earn more money with PaidViewpoint, how the payments work, and if PaidViewpoint is legit or not.

What is PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint Surveys

  • Pays in CASH not points
  • Earn $0.30 – $3+ per survey
  • Earn money for referring friends

PaidViewpoint is a survey website that was created by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) back in 2012!

They’ve been around for YEARS, and they pay in cash (not points) and offer money for not just regular surveys, but PaidViewpoint also pays you for “Trait” surveys (simple surveys about your demographics).

Who can join PaidViewpoint?

Anyone over the age of 13 can join PaidViewpoint (yep, it’s open worldwide!).

**While people all over the world can join PaidViewpoint, it seems like people in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia get the most surveys.

Is PaidViewpoint Legit?

PaidViewpoint is completely legitimate.

I’ve personally been using them for months, and I’ve been paid 3+ times with no issues!

You can also see reviews from other people on TrustPilot, PaidViewpoint currently has a 3.3 star rating.

PaidViewpoint Payment Proof

My dashboard on Paidviewpoint showing my current earnings.

As you can see I’ve made over $100+ with PaidViewpoint and I have $11.74 currently in my account (the rest has been paid out!).

PaidViewpoint Video Review

How does PaidViewpoint Work?

PaidViewpoint works likes most survey websites in a lot of ways.

You create an account, fill out the demographic information, and then take surveys when you’re eligible. But PaidViewpoint has a few interesting features that help you earn more money over time.

Here’s what I mean:

See that blue bar in the top right? That represents your “TraitScore”. When you first create your account on PaidViewpoint, your TraitScore will start at 0.

As you take more surveys and stay consistent with the answers on the demographics questions, your score will improve. Once you get your score to over 9000, you will start getting more and more surveys and will earn more money for the regular “Biz” surveys.

After I got my TraitScore over 9000, I noticed that I was getting “Biz” surveys daily, and I was getting anywhere from 2-3 Trait Surveys per day.

How do you join PaidViewpoint?

The first thing you need to do is go to the PaidViewpoint home page. Then you can click on “register”.

Paidviewpoint homepage

The signup form will pop up and you can then create an account. Don’t forget to confirm your email!

Paidviewpoint sign up form

You can then fill out the rest of your profile (don’t forget the demographic questions!). You will put in your PayPal email (double-check the spelling), and you will also be asked to confirm your phone number. This number will be used to get alerts about new surveys (but you can turn this feature off).

How much can you make with PaidViewpoint surveys? What is the earning potential?

One of the things that makes PaidViewpoint special is that you earn money for EVERY survey you take, even if you’re disqualified!

As you can see I earn $0.10 for the “trait surveys”, and $.15+ for the Biz Surveys. I’ve also earned $3 from a single survey on PaidViewpoint, so it’s not just all low paying surveys.

One thing that you this chart doesn’t show, is how long the surveys take. For me, the Trait Surveys take less than a minute, and the Biz Surveys can vary, but it seems like I earn about $0.10 per minute for those surveys.

So if a survey takes 5 minutes, I usually earn $0.50 or more.

How to Earn on PaidViewpoint: Trait Surveys, “Biz” Surveys, Referrals

I’m sure you realize that you can earn money from surveys on PaidViewpoint, but there are actually two types of surveys on PaidViewpoint, and you can also earn money by referring your friends to PaidViewpoint.

Trait Surveys

Trait Surveys are smaller surveys that will just ask you about your demographics and how you use certain products.

These surveys are usually less than a minute long, and you will earn $0.10 for completing one. The surveys usually appear at least once a day, so don’t forget to check PaidViewpoint at least once a day to get that easy $0.10!

Because these surveys are also used to help increase your Trait Score, you will most likely notice that there are some questions that you have answered before – so make sure you’re completely honest when answering these questions!

“Biz” Surveys

Biz Surveys is just another name for research surveys.

These surveys are the ones that pay the best, and there is usually one available to complete at least once a week.

PaidViewpoint will send you an email each time there’s a Biz / Research survey available for you, so make sure you jump on it when you get the chance!


If you try out PaidViewpoint for youself and you decide that you like it, you can also earn some extra money by referring your friends.

You can earn 20% of the money your referrals gain from completely Biz surveys.

How to Cash Out on PaidViewpoint

To cash out (get your earnings), first you need to get your balance up to $15, then you will request a payout your payment will be sent to your PayPal email within 72 hours.

**The first time you do this you may need to confirm your PayPal email and also enter in a verification code from your phone number that’s attached to your PaidViewpoint account.

Pros and Cons of PaidViewpoint

Here are the pros and cons of PaidViewpoint (from my perspective):

👍 Pros

  • Pays in Cash: You don’t have to worry about converting your points to a gift card or cash.
  • Short Surveys: Most of the surveys I’ve taken on PaidViewpoint are under 10 minutes long – woo!
  • Accurate Timers: For Biz Surveys PaidViewpoint has a timer showing how much longer a survey will take (bottom left) and I’ve found these to be accurate most of the time.
  • Quick Payments: I’ve never had a payment from PaidViewpoint take longer than 48 hours.

👎 Cons

  • Low Earning Potential (At First): When your TraitScore is under 9000, it can feel like the earning potential is low since you won’t be getting many surveys each day, but the surveys you DO get are still worth the money. You just have to stick with it to get your score up!

PaidViewpoint Customer Reviews

I really love PaidViewpoint, but I want to show you some reviews from other people so you can form your own opinion:


Caleb says: “It a paying website cause I have been using for sometime now so it pay me”.

Beanwad says: “The most important thing about these sites is that they do not waste your time. PaidViewpoint does not waste my time. They email when there’s a survey, and the trait surveys do not take long at all. It’s not like those survey sites that constantly lie about the time they take or DQ you half way through. Just a streamlined, fair experience for a little extra cash here and there.”


Monica says: “This is definitely a legit website to get paid to do short surveys! The only problem is that when you first sign up, you have to build your traitscore and that can take some time. You really have to have patience with this thing. And even when you reach the maximum traitscore, it can still take time to reach the minimum payout! So I think it’s an ok site. I just wished you could get tons of surveys so you could make $15 over and over every few days. I would love that!”


Serge G says: “3 cents a day. I’m gonna die before to cash out $15.”

William Jell says: “A COMPLETE RIP OFF. Even though (after a year) I got to $15.00. They WILL NOT let me cash out – even with a validated PayPal account because I no longer have the phone # I had 2 years ago. I must wait 6 months if I change my phone number. HUH?”

Soooo… Is PaidViewpoint worth it?

I think so! PaidViewpoint has become one of my favorite places to make money with surveys.

Because the surveys are short and you can use their mobile website to complete surveys, I can find time to fit in surveys at almost any time.

I can usally get to the $15 threshold once every month and a half if I check PaidViewpoint every day (which isn’t bad!).

Sites Similar to PaidViewpoint

If you’re interested in taking surveys for cash, here are some other great options:

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy side hustle that you can start TODAY, PaidViewpoint is a great choice!

You can signup and get started taking surveys almost immediately.

FAQs About PaidViewpoint

Is PaidViewpoint legitimate?

PaidViewpoint is a completely legitimate website.

How much can you earn with PaidViewpoint?

You can typically earn $10-$20 a month with PaidViewpoint.

How do I cash out on PaidViewpoint?

First you need to get your account balance up to $15, then you can request a payment through your account, and you will be paid via PayPal within 72 hours.

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