3HourJob Review (Is it a scam or legit?)

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there when it comes to work from home opportunities.

Have you ever heard of 3HourJob?

Well sadly, 3HourJob is one of the many work from home scams out there.

If that’s all you wanted to know, you can go ahead and check out one of our other posts for legitimate work from home jobs.

If you want more details about 3HourJob.com I’ve got ’em!

I’ll tell you about what 3HourJob is, if it’s legit or not (spoiler: it’s NOT), the many reviews out there, some alternatives to 3HourJob, and I’ll also answer some FAQs.

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What is 3HourJob?

So you’re probably wondering, what the heck is 3HourJob anyway?

3HourJob is a website that claims to help people make hundreds of dollars by working just a few hours a day.

When visiting the website people will be prompted to signup, give some personal information, and purchase something called a “Website ATM” for $47.

After signing up you will be bombarded with data entry “job” opportunities. If you ever try to do any of the data entry work, you WON’T be paid.

There were also clones of the website under these domains: threehourjob.com and 22minutejob.com

Is 3HourJob.com a scam or legit?

3HourJob is a scam.

Don’t worry I have evidence and receipts to prove why 3HourJob is a scam.

Website Is Not Longer Available

When you try to visit 3HourJob.com, you’re presented with a sales page from HugeDomains.com


Clones of the Website

There were different versions or “clones” of 3HourJob.com under ThreeHourJOb.com and 22MinuteJob.com – which usually points to it being a scam.

Why would a legitimate business operate under so many different names? It’s definitely a red flag!

Unrelated Redirects

When looking at previous version of 3HourJob on the Way Back Machine (service that lets you view previous version of a website), I see that 3HourJob.com was being redirected to a website about college degrees.

Seems strange, right?

Lots of Complaints

We’ll go into greater detail about all the reviews a bit later.

But just know there are a TON of negative reviews. I actually couldn’t find any positive reviews for 3HourJob when I was doing research for this article.

Another red flag!

Crazy Money Claims

Whenever someone promises that you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time it’s usually a scam.

In this case, 3HourJob claimed people could make hundreds of dollars a day by just working a few hours.


Not BBB Accredited

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Now just because something isn’t accredited by the BBB doesn’t mean it’s a scam. But this combined with all of the other red flag…

It definitely gives me pause.

Requires You to Pay

3HourJob prompts people to pay $47 for something called a “Website ATM”.

For most legitimate work from home jobs you shouldn’t have to pay for anything. The only exception is possibly a background check.

But $47 for a website ATM? Come on now..

3HourJob Reviews

If you aren’t convinced yet that this is a scam or if you need more information, I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.


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3HourJob was mentioned on a subreddit for scams. You can view the entire thread here.

People mentioned getting calls from 3HourJob about work opportunities. Some people didn’t even apply and still got phone calls!


On Quora someone asked “Is 3HourJob.com a scam data entry website?”.

Everyone that answered said that it was a scam. You can read more here.

Pros of 3HourJob

Um, yeah I got nothing. I can’t think of one redeeming quality for 3HourJob.

Cons of 3HourJob

3HourJob is a scam website that was set up to take money from people and possibly steal personal data.

Need more cons? I have a few:

  • No real jobs available
  • Makes you pay $47
  • No customer or website support
  • You will receive scam calls and emails

3HourJob Alternatives

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Final Thoughts about 3HourJob

Thank goodness 3HourJob and it’s clones (22MinuteJob and ThreeHourJob) were shut down.

These were scam websites that didn’t have any legitimate work from home opportunities available.

It also never paid any of it’s workers (as far as I can tell).

If you’re interested in legitimate work from home opportunities or other ways making money, we have a whole category of posts here.

3HourJob Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3HourJob?

3HourJob is a website that claims to help people make hundreds of dollars by working just a few hours a day.

Is 3HourJob legitimate?

3HourJob is not legitimate. It is a scam.

Is 3HourJob a scam?

3HourJob is a scam.