Your Story

Have you taken the time to think about your story? You probably have.

Maybe you think it sucks.

Maybe you hate talking about yourself.

I get it.

Not too many people enjoy telling their story, but that’s because they look at it through the wrong lens.

They see the telling of their story as something that people should feel awe and wonder about. If I tell my story it needs to impress people!

But that’s not what you story needs to do.

Your story just has to make people relate to you. And chances are they will no matter what your story is because everybody’s story has elements of it that people can relate to.

For me it was hating the fact that someone else controlled my future. It was the feeling that I could never reach my full potential giving someone else all of my best work.

Can everybody relate to that?

No, but I don’t need everybody to relate to that. I just need the right people to relate to that so they understand that they aren’t alone and that I’m going on the same journey as them.

Story is one of your most powerful tools for growing your business. Don’t shy away from your story because your story is probably theirs as well.

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