We’re going to start this off by asking a pretty deep question.

What is the meaning of life?

There is no right answer because everyone gets to intepret things in any way that they want.

But here is my answer.

I think the meaning of life is to continuously learn about yourself while making the world a better place.

Sometimes people get tripped up on that first part because I don’t think many people think about the concept of learning about themselves.

They think they know themselves and the reality is they kind of do. At least they know the person today, but how many different situations are you put into in your life that kind of define who you are?

It’s the concept of seeing what you’re made of and to me the act of creation is the ultimate form learning.

I think that’s why everybody is drawn to it.

Some people want to create furniture while others want to create gardens. Some want to create better medicine while others want to create better businesses.

But we all want to create.


Because it helps to push ourselves a little bit further and the more we push, the more we learn about ourselves.

You’re sitting at a 9-5 job. It’s not bad. The people are nice. The pay is good enough.

But is that enough to keep you happy?

It isn’t. It’s okay to be honest.

So you try to do more at your job. You see how things can be better and so you make suggestions but they get shot down because you should just focus on your role.

You want to do more not for the sake of doing more but because you want to feel more. You want to feel like you are pushing yourself otherwise you’re standing still.

And when people feel like they are standing still they feel like they are dying.

I know that sounds heavy but you’ve felt it in your life whether you recognized it or not.

Sure, you take breaks, but those can only last so long. There is something inside of you that wants to continue to push further.

Most people ignore this and they stay secretly miserable for most of their lives.

But there are a small few that act on this feeling.

In fact, they do an action that most people in their life gasp at.

They start a business.

It’s easy to say that you start a business to make a lot of money and money is definitely part of it. But money isn’t much of a driving force once you have enough to cover the necessities.

After that something has to drive you and I think it’s the act of creation. The act of pushing yourself further to learn more about yourself.

That’s when you can see people really succeeding.

When they become curious to find out what they are capable of and that curiosity never fades.

It’s a drive that very few can put into words. When others ask why you would be so crazy to start your own business or why you would continue to work on a business that isn’t making much money yet, there is only one answer.

Because there is no other choice.

For you, you know this to your core.

And that’s what makes you Odd.

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