15 Best Places Where You Can Sell Used Clothes for Cash

You know that you have too many clothes. You don’t need me to tell you that. I see those old ugly sweaters you’ve been hoarding.

Now hang on a minute. Don’t leave yet. Now before you go and read up on Marie Kondo and end up throwing out all of your clothes in a joy-sparking frenzy, maybe consider selling your clothes.

If your clothes are in good condition (no weird smells, stains, rips or snags), then you could get a nice little chunk of money for them!

I’ve used a few places on this list to sell my old clothes and it’s one of my favorite ways to make some extra money! It’s very easy to do, and it can also become a nice little side hustle for you!

The first part of this post list is all places you can sell your clothes online, the second part of this post list places where you can sell your clothes locally, and at the end of the post I’ve given you some options for places to donate your clothes (if selling doesn’t work out for you).

Best Websites to Sell Used Clothing Online

These are some amazing stores that are great for selling used clothing online.

My Top Picks For Selling Used Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Handbags:

Here are my favorite “all-around” websites for selling used clothing (you can also sell accessories, shoes, and handbags on these websites). L


Sell used clothes on ThredUp

ThredUp is a HUGE online secondhand clothing store. They have clothes, shoes, accessories for women and kids! They also have plus-size clothing and higher-end “luxe” brands.

ThredUp makes it super easy to sell clothes with them. You can request a “clean out” kit from their website for free. They send you a huge mailer (pre-addressed) and you can add in any handbags, shoes, clothes, and accessories you want to sell and then you send it back to them. Once they receive the bag they will evaluate the items and photograph and then list the itesm for sale. 

Sometimes they will give you an upfront payment for your items, and other times they will be placed on consignment and you will be paid if the item sells. 

You can either use the money you earn to get items on ThredUp or you can request to be paid through PayPal.

If the items aren’t accepted to be sold, they will be donated.


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Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can sell clothing, accessories, and shoes. It functions kind of like eBay, where an individual person creates a “listing” and then people make offers or buy it outright.

To sell something on Poshmark you just click the sell button on the app, upload or take new photos, add the information and description, set your price, and then finish the listing! 

When your items sells, Poshmark will give you a label to download and use to ship the item (so you don’t have to pay anything). Once the item is sent out, the buyer will confirm that they received the item in the condition they expected and the money will be released to you.


Sell used clothes on eBay

eBay is one of the OG places for selling items. It might seem a bit old-school, but it’s still an incredibly active marketplace, and a great place for selling used clothing.

With eBay you can get away with selling less-than-perfect clothing, AS LONG AS YOU DESCRIBE EVERY DEFECT! 

Here are some tips for getting the most money for your used clothes:

  • Search completed listings – you can search completed listings on eBay to help you get a sense of what your clothes will sell for, what kind of titles to use, and what pictures to take
  • Describe every. Single. Defect. – Trust me on this one, you don’t want to list it something as “used” and then leave it at that. Be thorough to help the buyer (your version of “used” might be different from the buyers!)
  • Take multiple pictures – every picture will help the buyer see exactly what they’re getting, and they could save you in case you forget to mention a defect in the actual listing.

Best Places To Sell Luxury Items Online:


LePrix is an online consignment boutique that specializes in designer and vintage clothing, accessories, and handbags for men and women.

If you’re interested in consigning with them you can either go through one of the local boutiques that they partner with, or they can send you a free consignment kit so you can send in your items.


Tradesy is another online store that focuses on luxury items (like LePrix). 

With Tradesy you don’t send in your items, you create a listing and then you ship the item to the buyer after it’s been purchased (similar to Poshmark).

Tradesy can be a great choice if you have a lot of higher-end items and you want to be in control of the price, but I would be aware of a few things:

  • Fees: The Tradesy fees are a bit high, $7.50 for items under $50, and 19.8% commission to Tradesy for items over $50
  • Pictures: You need to have really crisp, neat photos to do well on Tradesy (white background).

Material World

If you want a more hands-off approach, and you don’t want to wait for things to sell to get paid, then you might want to try Material World.

You can request a “Material Kit” to be sent to you, and you fill it with your items, send them in, and get your offer. You can accept the money and request to have the items that were not accepted to be returned to you.

You can see what brands Material World by going to their Accepted Brands List.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is an international marketplace for luxury and vintage clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags.

You can list items on their platform by using their app (take good pictures!), or you can have Vestiaire Collective sell it for you through their consignment service.


TheRealReal is an online store for luxury items (similar to Vestiarie Collective). 

You can consign items on TheRealReal by requesting on of their consignment kits. You know the drill by now: they send you the kit, you send in your items, and you get paid when something sells.

According to TheRealReal, most items sell within 3 days and you can earn up to 85% of the sale price from your items (seems like a better deal than Tradesy!).

Yoogi’s Closet

Yoogi’s Closet is yet another online marketplace for luxury goods. 

Yoogi’s Closet is pretty selective with the items they buy/sell. All items must be in pristine condition, with no stains, odors, or excessive wear. 

For clothing items, they need to have an original retail price of $500 or over, shoes must be new or only worn a few times, jewelry and handbags must have no significant defects.

There are two ways to sell items with Yoogi’s Closet, you can either do consignment, or you can sell directly to them. To see what brands they buy, go to the Designers We Buy List.

Other Places to Sell Used Clothing Online

Here are other places where you can sell your used clothing online.

Asos Marketplace

Asos Marketplace would be a great place to sell your used clothing if you have a lot of vintage clothing!

With Asos Marketplace you open up a “boutique” through their marketplace to sell your items. Not just anyone can open up shop, you have to apply and be approved, and you have to keep at least 15 items in your store at all times.

If you’re thinking of selling vintage clothes as a side hustle, then Asos Marketplace might be worth your consideration.


Mercai is a website and phone app where you can sell things to other people. It’s gained a lot of popularity lately, and there are actually people that make a part-time (sometimes full-time) living by selling on Mercai!

If you’re interested in selling on Mercai, here’s what you need to do: download the app, list your item(s), and when the item sells Mercai will send you a printable shipping label to shop with, and you get your money once the sale is complete.

If you don’t want to use eBay, Mercai could be a good fit for you, Mercai has a payment guarantee, shipping protection, and fees are a flat 10% of the item price. Easy.


Etsy isn’t just for handmade goods you know. They also have a large selection of vintage clothing!

If you have a good amount of vintage clothing and you want to take advantage of Etsy’s user base, you could try listing your clothing there.

Be sure to take beautiful, clear photos, and describe the item in detail!


Depop is an app where you can sell your clothing and accessories (kind of like Poshmark).

Depop takes a bit more work to sell things, it’s based a lot on your following. So after listing your items, get active in the Depop community, follow accounts that interest you, and like and comment on things.

If you want to learn more about selling on Depop, check out this article on College Fashionista.

Best Places to Sell Used Clothing Offline/ Locally

Garage Sale

Why not have a good ol’ garage sale?

Okay okay it may SEEM like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is gather your items, pick a day, and advertise (actual signs and/or online)!

If you have a lot of items and you can get a lot of traffic to your garage sale, you could actually make a few hundred dollars!

If you can set up a neighborhood or street-wide garage sale, you could make even more money!

If you’re interested in having a garage sale, check out this article from Money Crashers.


VarageSale is basically an online garage sale (sort-of). Here’s how it works, you add your location, confirm your identity by connecting your Facebook account, then you can go ahead and list your items.

Once someone is interested in your item, you can work it out with the buyer the payment and shipping / pick-up specifics. VarageSale doesn’t take any fees.

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into selling on VarageSale, check out this post from ThriftDiving.

Other Places Where You Can Sell Your Used Clothes For Cash Locally

  • Local Consignment Stores
  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • Clothes Mentor
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Let Go
  • Style Encore
  • Once Upon a Child
  • Planet Exchange
  • Motherhood Closet
  • Grailed
  • Couture USA
  • Crossroads

Don’t Want to Sell Your Clothes?


If you aren’t interested in selling your clothes, you can always donate your clothes to a shelter or to a thrift store!

There are also a few online places that will take your clothes and donate them (like ThredUp).


Schoola is an online thrift store that you can donate your used clothes to.

You can request a free label online and then send in your clothes. Once your clothes sell, 40% of the sale proceeds will go to the school or charitable cause of your choice!