What Is a Blog and Why You Should Start One Today

What is a blog?

I think this is a fascinating question to ask because your answer to it will dictate how you handle your business and your life.

Seems a bit extremely but if you hear me out you’ll see what I mean.

First of all, in the context of both this post and this site, we’re talking about using a blog to make money in some form.

This isn’t about blogging as a hobby. If you’re looking for that post please go to Suitcase Hobby.

I’m just joking, that site doesn’t exist.

But that was the first definition to exclude.

If you see a blog as a hobby or a journal or a place just to take notes, then you’re in trouble if you want to make money.

The reason why is that people don’t care about those things. They care about their own lives because they have their own problems.

This makes total sense.

Which leads us to the next definition.

A Blog Is a Blog

What do you do?

I’m a blogger.

I hate that response. I hate that term.

I hate it because that term really has no meaning. When you tell people that you’re a blogger you’re putting the power into their hands to define what you are.

Are you a lazy blogger that sits at home and maybe writes a post a month?

Are you a go-getter blogger that is always out and about, getting stories, and posting multiple times daily?

A blog can be a thing where you just write a ton of content in the hopes that people come to it and you get some ad revenue.

That’s what a blogger is.

Someone that is always striving for traffic. It doesn’t matter if that traffic is relevant or not because ads just don’t care.

That’s the kind of stuff we used to teach until we moved up another level.

The final level of what a blog is.

Level 3: Marketing

Whenever we build or teach someone else how to build a business we make sure to follow the Pocket Business Framework.

This is simply:

  1. Make sure they notice you
  2. Make sure they pay attention to you
  3. Make sure they trust you
  4. Convert that trust into money

A blog can help with all four of those things.

In that case, a blog is part of the marketing department for a business. It’s how you’re able to show value upfront for people so that you can move them through the framework.

When you approach a blog in this manner then things change for you.

Instead of seeing it as something that’s just meant to bring people to your site, you begin to see it as a resource.

Look at this blog as an example. Sure there is a ton of content that will draw people here, but each piece of content serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Each piece of content is a resource which leads to another resource.

This isn’t a blog, but in essence, one of the best learning resources you can find for business.

That’s a pretty big deal.

What Is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

To keep it a simple, a website can have a blog, but a blog can’t have a website.

This site runs on WordPress for example and has a blog, but the whole site isn’t a blog.

What Is a Blog?

As you can see a blog can be a number of things, but that’s dependent on what your goal is for it.

For us, a blog is a resource. It’s an opportunity to truly help your audience and guide them along on their own journey.

When you treat it like that, then it becomes something that nobody else can touch or compete with.

We hope that you see it the same way.