Wasting Time

I posted my first YouTube video in 2008. I only posted 2 more after that because I wanted to take the time and plan things out.

Make sure I got things right.

I didn’t post another YouTube video until 2018.

I was so worried about wasting time doing things wrong that I did nothing at all.

I don’t have to tell you how different my life would be if I had been consistent and just tried my best to improve each time I did a video for 10+ years.

Instead, here I am trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground from scratch.

Wasting time is one of those fears that is just pointless.

You never waste time when you take action because that action is going to learn to some education.

Before today I’ve done 21 YouTube video, 21 blog posts, and 21 podcasts over the past 21 days.

I didn’t have a plan of action. I’m not saying that’s cool, it’s just that I didn’t.

None of the content is optimized for SEO or any other social media.

It’s just me creating.

So did I waste my time?

No because I’m learning. It would be a waste of time if I didn’t get anything from this for myself.

But that hasn’t been the case.

Instead, I’ve been able to see what I’m good at and where I need improvement. I’ve been able to see what excites me and what I can stop talking about.

That means moving forward I can only create better things.

And here’s the kicker.

There is no way I could’ve figured this out by sitting around and trying to plan.

I couldn’t have figured it out because I just didn’t know about it.

That’s what life is about sometimes and that makes people uncomfortable. Sometimes you won’t know until you know and that means you have to experience it.

It means you won’t figure it out by sitting on the couch and thinking for hours, days, weeks, or months.

You have to do it, see what happens, and then you’ve got your answer.

The entrepreneurs that do that always succeed. It’s why you don’t hear success stories talking about how someone planned meticulously forever before they pulled the trigger and found success.

You either run the race or you sit around trying to predict the wind speed of that day and time so you know the perfect outfit to wear that will also impress the people in the stands.

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