How to Write Twitter Threads That Make You Money

Twitter is one of those weird social networks.

For some people, it just exists as it doesn’t really grow, but it doesn’t really shrink. Most of the people in your life probably don’t know about it, but they know it exists.

This can be a major turn-off for creators as they think what’s the point of being there?

But some creators can see the value that Twitter offers them in finding their audience.

So the question then becomes how do you find your audience on Twitter or how do they find you?

The usual answer of providing amazing content applies, but you can’t get by on just tweets alone.

The top creators are finding success through Twitter threads.

What Is a Twitter Thread?

A Twitter thread is simply a string of tweets tied together. You read them sequentially as if you were reading bite-size chunks of a blog post.

Why You Should Be Writing Twitter Threads

As is the case with any other social network, Twitter is filled with pointless content and the majority of Twitter love that content.

But chances are your audience wants to come across content that helps them progress on their journey. Content that helps them become the next version of themselves that they desire.

In a perfect world, you could write a single tweet that links people back to your site where you could sell them on something, but in today’s world of infinite content, you need to first succeed ON the platform before pushing people elsewhere.

And that means going deeper.

This is why Twitter threads, when done correctly, can be so valuable for so many creators.