The Right Business

I’ve been making money online for almost 20 years now.

Some years are great. Other years are not so great.

I’ve easily created over 100 websites with the goal of making money from them.

I’ve purchased over 1000 domains and let most of them expire.

I’ve learned web design and development.

I’ve learned marketing in all its forms.

I’ve done every possible thing one can think of to succeed online and build something for myself.

Why does any of this matter to you?

Because I’m going to provide you with how I think anyone should build a business online.

I think I’m qualified to do that for two reasons:

  1. How many I’ve tried, failed or succeeded with over the years (the more experiments you run, the more data/knowledge you gain)
  2. How many people I’ve helped over the years make money themselves and how many I was unable to help (it happens for various reasons)

But all of this comes with a twist.

I have ADHD.

I didn’t find out until I was 41 which means I’ve spent most of my life trying to do something that I honestly wasn’t prepared for.

I’ve been fighting an invisible battle without knowing it and yet I’ve still made over $1,000,000 for myself.

Let me ask this again, why does any of this matter to you?

Because each time I failed I would ask myself the same question: how can I make this easier?

The more that had to be done with a business, the higher chance I had of failure.

The less interesting a business, the higher chance of failure.

Design for Extremes

I believe in a concept called Design for the Extremes. It’s the concept that when you look at your audience, who are the people on the extremes?

For the longest time I thought the extremes for my audience were people who didn’t have time and that still holds true because if you have ADHD time doesn’t even exist.

From a mindset perspective it’s pretty hard to get more extreme than someone with ADHD.

So if I can show a person with ADHD how to fully get the most out of their business or if they’re starting from scratch, building something amazing from day 1, then I can help you (doesn’t matter if you have ADHD or you’re what we call neuro-typical).

The Right Business

The subject of this email is The Right Business. What is the Right Business?

For me it is simple. It’s the business that can provide me with freedom.

Freedom comes in many forms.

  • Financial freedom. It has to make me money.
  • Time freedom. It has to allow me to spend more time doing the things I want to do.
  • Confidence freedom. It unlocks my confidence and self-esteem by allowing me to help others succeed.

There are many more, but that’s the freedoms that I want for myself.

It’s important that you understand the freedoms that you want for yourself so consciously and subconsciously you begin to build a business around them.

The last thing that you want to do is bust your ass on something to then one day look up and hate what it has become.

Who This Is For

I think it’s important that you understand who I am talking to because if I’m not talking to you then there is no point in you being here.

You should unsubscribe and find someone else that is more aligned with you.

Trust me, I’ve tried in the past to help out every single person possible, but that has only brought me heartache and pain.

So I have to focus on the people that are right for me and I am right for them.

Who are those people?

  • Want true financial freedom. I’m talking about having the option to retire fully if you want and having your money make money.
  • Want to make an impact. The person that is willing (maybe after a ton of convincing) to step out on stage and tell the world they are ready to help them.
  • Will continuously move forward in spite of the obstacles they know they will face. The biggest hurdle to success is you.

Not your family. Not your job. Not your bad luck in life.

It’s you.

Building a successful business means overcoming you. This is REALLY hard for a lot of people.

Most usually have to have their backs pressed against the wall to finally take action.

But if you can continuously move forward even when 99% of you tries to pull you back, then you should stick around.

If you don’t have all 3 of the things above then it’s best you unsubscribe because you’ll just get frustrated listening to me. I don’t want that for you.

If you’re going to stick around though, then welcome.

You’re in for a ride.

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