The Decision Maker

I wish I could tell you where I heard this and I’m probably getting it wrong, but there was a survey taken by, I don’t know, a zillion successful entrepreneurs and business people and they were asked what one quality do other successful people have in common.

The response that popped up the most was their ability to make decisions.

Being able to make a decision is the difference between leaders and everyone else.

Everyone else is hoping that someone will make a decision for them and the thing is you have to be the leader of your own business.

If you can’t make a decision how do you expect to get anything done?

Yeah, I know, you’re scared of making a mistake or a decision leading to failure.

But it is only failure if you give up.

It is only failure if you stop moving forward.

We make decisions all of the time where the outcome wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but the only other option was to sit around with our thumbs up our asses wondering what would happen if we took a specific action.

The worst decision you can make is to make no decision at all.