Your Roadmap to Making Money Online with Digital Products and ChatGPT

I’m so excited for you!

The Roadmap you’re about to go through is packed with information, but it’s also broken down in three phases so that you can move through it at your own pace!

I’ve also included a couple of bonuses for you, The CRISP Prompt Framework Guide so that you can start writing better ChatGPT prompts and get outputs that are personalized and unique to YOU and your business.

Plus, there’s a handy infographic outlining the 3 Phases of your digital product business. And in case you want to make something similar for your own niche, here’s a tutorial on how you can get the content you need to create it from ChatGPT! Once you have the content, find your favorite Canva template and add it. I’ve practiced with this prompt on TikTok Lives countless times and it’s always a winner!

Ok, here are all of your goodies: