Quickly Validate an Idea and Get Paid in the Process

Uncertainty is a feeling that can hold anyone back.

You have an idea but aren’t sure if it will work so what do you do?


You sit around thinking about the idea forever, hoping that some magical light will eventually shine from above to tell you that the concept will work.

That never happens.

But that doesn’t mean you need to go through the torture of spending months researching and perfecting an idea before you get to see if it works.

What if you could put an idea out there for people to buy before even creating it?

The best form of validation is payment and that’s the point of a Quick Validation Offer.

With a QVO you can get an idea out into the world and see how the world responds. Even better is that when they respond, they are giving you money for it!

I’m hosting the first two live QVO workshops at the end of the month.

One workshop will show you how to create a QVO Workshop and another a QVO Challenge. They will only be 90-minutes long because a QVO shouldn’t require a month of learning to implement.

These are meant to be sold separately at $50 apiece or $80 as a bundle, but because you’ve probably been with me for a hot minute, you can grab both for just $30.

$50 off what you’ll have to pay when the spots are sold out.

However, I can’t have a million people in a live workshop so I’m going to limit it to the first 100 people to buy.

If you’re ready to learn how to create your own QVO then click the button below.

There are just 30 spots left.