You don’t date someone out of the goodness of your heart.

It’s not a charitable cause.

You do it because you want something.

And that’s okay.

Seriously. It’s okay.

When you want someone to pay attention to your business you have to show them you have something that they want, otherwise what’s the point in them paying attention?

But how do you do that?

You make them a Promise.

You Promise that you’re going to help them with a transformation.

And that’s tough for a lot of people to accept. Some people just want to pretend that they can offer help vaguely but it doesn’t work that way.

When you Promise someone something they need to understand what you mean by that Promise.

When you go on a date and the person says “I promise to make your life fulfilling” then what in the hell does that mean?

But what if the person said “for the next 6 weeks I’ll take you on the most amazing adventure of your life where you’ll experience 7 new things”?

Okay, that’s better!

The Promise pulls people in. It intrigues them.

But you best make sure you live up to the Promise.

If you don’t think you can do a big Promise, start with a small one.

The size of the promise actually doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that you have one and can tell your Hero about it.

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