Types Of Horse Racing Bets

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While some bettors occassionally make more than one win bet on a single race, this is rarely a good strategy as it assures the player will be holding losing tickets at the end of the race. A straight exacta for example would be bet using just a single horse to finish first and a single horse to finish second. Let’s say the player bets a $2 exacta on the 5-horse and 3-horse. This means the number 5 horse must win the race and the number 3 must run second in order for the player to cash a winning exactor.

If you’ve watched horse races before and are not confident that a horse can bear its weight well enough to win, we recommend backing another choice. Since this is a popular and logical strategy, oddsmakers also keep track of these results and odds will then be priced to give winning horses shorter odds. However, for those who are okay with a significantly smaller profit, backing an undefeated winner is an easier bet. Quinella bets are often referred to as simplified versions of the exacta bet.

The Canadian Triple Crown is a series of three races that takes place during summer. Let’s explore the most important details and whether or not you should consider placing bets on the Canadian Triple Crown races. You must select the first two horses in a race in the correct order.

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In addition, there are successful jockey/trainer combinations that provide significant returns. Thoroughbreds are creatures of habit that, more often than not, possess a distinct running style. In a race lacking many speed runners, a consistent front runner becomes a major threat.

Boxed In refers to a horse with traffic trouble during a race. When you bet on a horse that is boxed in, that means it wants to move after the leaders but has no room to do so. Favorite horses win about 33 percent of the time, although at low payoffs. For summer racing Evergreen Park has commentator who handicaps between the races. There are race sheets available for all of the races shown on the screens and two betting machines in the facility.

The four main types of exotic horse racing bets are quinella, exacta, trifecta and superfecta. A quinella bet is a bet on which horses will finish in the top two, the placing doesn’t matter. An exacta bet also involves betting on the top two horses, but you must get the order correct. A trifecta bet is similar to an exacta bet, but you must correctly choose the top 3 finishers in the correct order. The superfecta bet involves picking the top 4 finishers in the correct order.

As long as both horses completed ran in the top two, the bet would be a winning one. While it is probably advisable for beginning bettors to start with a simple “win” bet, once players become more comfortable with selecting horses, the exotic bets can be quite enticing. Exotic bets often produce more lucrative payouts and present a greater degree of difficulty. With so many different types of horse wagers, bettors are more apt to succeed once they find a comfort zone. Successful players must understand the intricacies of each bet and finding a wager that is commensurate with their bankroll. Yet, we advise beginners to stick with simple win, place and show bets while learning the ropes before branching out into the more lucrative, yet complex world of exotic wagering.

💡 Understanding Horse Racing Betting Odds

Below, we have taken a look at the most common types and explained what each means in simple terms. Win, place and show payouts are displayed for a standard C$2 wager. Below that, you will see the winning number combinations, payouts and stake for any exotics offered in that particular race, such as exactor, triactor, and daily double. They include wagers using multiple horses within a single race or a wager that is spread out over multiple races. Exotic bets range from the relatively simple exacta, quinella, or daily double to more complicated examples such as the Superfecta or Pick-5.

The majority of top-rated betting sites for horse racing tend to have similar odds, which usually have the best value. Similar to the importance of the jockey’s form, the form of the horse is vital to whether or not the horse will win the next race. Luckily, sportsbook providers usually have the statistics for each horse available on the racecard. In addition to this, you can watch previous races for specific horses to see the kind of racing you can expect. A show bet is similar to a place bet in that bettors place bets on a specific horse that would finish in either the first, second or third place in order to win a bet. Graded Stakes Races are some of the most sought-after horse racing events, as a horse needs to be at the top of its game to compete and win.

It’s often been said that you can’t win the maximum you could by always betting on your favourite. A good way for newcomers to horse racing betting to start is simple bets such as win, place, or show bets. For example, placing a bet on a 2/1 favourite in a given race and it wins, it will pay approximately C$6.00 to win, C$3.60 to place and C$2.80 to show for a C$2 wager on each. The payout is almost always smaller to show than place, and place to win, because the risk of losing is not as great. A pick 3 bet is a wager that is placed on which horses will win for three races after each other. In order to make a profit, bettors need to accurately predict the outcomes of all events.

First, choose your horse or horse from the race you wish to bet on and remember their program number. Selected in wagers such as Exactors, Triactors and Superfectas. Deposit Funds – After you have registered an account you will need to get some money online. To do so, head over to the “cashier” section of whatever sportsbook you have signed up with and choose to make a deposit. Check out the schedule of live races at Fraser Downs at Elements Casino Surrey. Betting on horses is a lot of fun, yet many people seem to imagine it is a lot more complicated than it really is.

The management of your bankroll should always be in the forefront of your mind and will determine which types of bets you can make and the risks you can take. Trifecta wagers, sometimes called triple bets, is a type of bet that players place on which horses will finish in the first, second and third position for a specific event or race. While this may seem similar to a show bet, the trifecta requires the predictions made for the bet to appear in the stipulated order for a payout to take place. Win bets are favoured by many beginner bettors due to their simplicity. With a win bet, players are betting on which horse will win the race and finish first. If you’re starting out or would like a simple wager, this is the perfect bet for you.

The other horses you have picked may then finish in any order and you are a winner. Bet On Proven Winners – Horses are similar to humans in that some of them just know how to win. I would always prefer betting on a horse that has shown they can win a race over a horse that has yet to win a race, but has been putting up some decent performances. All the gambling sites listed on go through a deep dive review process on aspects regarding security, banking, software and games.

On average, the shortest flat racetrack is only 1000m and the longest jump races, such as the Grand National, can be up to 6,900 m long. It is important to consider the form, weight and age of the horse to determine which horse, or horses, have a greater chance of crossing the finish line first. Finding greater value for the funds in your gaming account can be considered a part of bankroll management. To find the best odds that offer the best value, you might need to shop around and look for your ideal odds.

Naturally, the bet can only result in profits if the order of the horses is predicted accurately. For some, if done compulsively, it can become a destructive problem. If you think you have a problem, there is good help, such as ConnexOntario. The Daily Double is a parlay bet involving two consecutive races. While it is often the first two races on a card and the last two races on a card, it has become more common throughout most race cards.

However, bettors can expect to see smaller payouts from place bets as opposed to more risky bets. The higher the odds of your horse or horses, or the more possible combinations of your exotic wager, the less likely you will win, but the more money you will collect. In Canada, the exotic betting menu consists of the exactor, triactor, superfecta, double, pick 3, pick 4 and pick 6.

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Otherwise, bettors can adjust their stakes based on the odds. Strong numeracy skills would come in handy in this case but there are also many online calculators that can do the relevant math for you. Wagers can be placed at the track, off-track betting sites or online platforms. Be prepared with the number of the horse or horses you want to bet on, your wager amount, and the type of bet you would like to make. Unlike the win bet, the payouts for place and show betting are more difficult to calculate, but horses with higher odds obviously still more more than horses with lower odds.