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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed bill SF617, which formally legalized sports betting in Iowa, into law in May 2023. Just three months later they started accepting their first legal sports bets, with 13 of the 19 state casinos immediately receiving a license. RawChoice was founded on a dream I had when I first arrived in Canada in 2002.

However, attending a post-secondary institution in their home province isnota requirement for continued eligibility. Dependents who are full-time students may continue to be eligible for coverage regardless of where in Canada they are attending post-secondary education. So far 18 of the 19 casinos have received licenses, with Casino Queen Marquette being the only casino out of the loop. They have not filed a formal application for a license yet, but it appears they are preparing to do so in the immediate future. Each licensed group pays a casino advisor to help the group with the casino event.

Equitable Life will be using Opifiny for ongoing disability claims management, modernizing the process of gathering medical assessments and information. There is no limit on the face amounts or product options and the time to settle is reduced when using the application. It is a flexible, intuitive tool to use, and helps keep business on track now that many clients and advisors are opting for more social distance.

What is the legal sports betting age in Iowa?

Sentio Self-Directed iCBT is a comprehensive digital cognitive behavioural therapy platform. Developed by Homewood’s mental health experts, it is an action-oriented solution for plan members, giving them practical resources and activities to help with their depression, anxiety and overall mental health challenges. AGLC assigns groups to casino events within one of 10 designated regions in Alberta. Only licensed groups based in Edmonton or Calgary may have casino events in those cities. AGLC assigns other groups to a different region or specific casino facility.

We’ve outlined two methods below to help you start your pet on a raw and species-appropriate diet. Ride the wave this RSP season with tools that make it easy to complete applications and deposits online - only from Equitable Life. This will allow businesses undergoing financial hardship to provide some support to employees who are temporarily without benefits coverage. ● If a request is received to terminate, convert, or reduce the term rider and the term rider has been in effect for less than 10 years , the EDO maximum for the policy will be reduced accordingly.

A complete list of the fees involved in the registration process. As businesses temporarily suspend operations to help stop the spread of COVID-19, some employers have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily lay off employees or put their benefits coverage on hold. If your clients have any questions about extending coverage for over-age dependents that are full-time students, please notify them of this error. For your clients’ convenience, forms can be signed electronically using one of our approved vendors, which include DocuSign, BambooHR, Adobe Sign, and many more. Equitable Life is partnering with Opifiny to provide a quicker and more seamless disability claims experience. Play Alberta offers players tools and resources to help manage and enhance their own play.

AGLC registers advisors who make sure the group follows the rules for the event. With Senate Study Bill 1168, Senate File 366 and Senate File 617 all written into law by Governor Kim Reynolds, legalized sports betting was born. With only the state’s casinos allowed to handle sports wagers, it’s no surprise that their oversight board, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, is also responsible for regulation sports betting in the state.

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An online library of interactive tools, assessments and 20 different e-courses that allow each user to learn at his/her own pace. If you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, the Self-Exclusion Program can be an important first step in helping manage your gambling. AGLC offers the information players need to make informed decisions about gambling. This is at the core of AGLC’s commitment to responsible gambling and a vital piece in assisting players. Play anytime, anywhere within the province on browsers supported by both desktop and mobile devices. All revenue generated through Play Alberta goes directly back into the Government of Alberta's General Revenue Fund to support valued programs and services that Albertans rely on every day.

If a request is received to terminate, convert, or reduce the term rider and the term rider has been in effect for 10 years or longer, the EDO maximum for the policy will not be reduced. By digitizing and modernizing the claims management process for doctors, Equitable Life will have faster access to higher quality claims information. For some claims, using Opifiny may enable Equitable Life to help plan members safely return to work sooner.

EDO payments can help grow the long-term values in your client’s policy. This change is regarding the maximum EDO payment limit that applies to the policy. In our August edition of eNews, we provided incorrect information about benefits coverage options for over-age dependents. We indicated that over-age dependents who are full-time students may continue to be eligible under the plan member’s benefits plan if they are studying in their home province.

The goal of the law is to improve concussion awareness and safety — and health care... We recommend starting with RawChoice Chicken+ because chicken is a simple protein that is easier to digest compared to beef or lamb, which contain more complex organs and may cause loose stools. After 3 to 4 days of feeding chicken, we suggest introducing your pet to our other meals such as Breeder’s Choice and Beef+. Extending Homeweb to plan members who are losing coverage We know these are difficult times for Canadian employers and their employees. Wait times among the 10 casino regions vary from approximately one and a half years to more than three years. The only catch was that in order to place online bets, you must register for the app in person at a casino.

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To view current tools, visit Play Alberta’s Responsible Gambling section. Groups receive proceeds about six to eight weeks after the end of the quarter that the group had its event. For example, a group that had an event in February will receive money in its casino bank account by mid to late May. A complete application for casino licensing will take approximately six weeks to review. If there is any missing information, we will contact you by letter, email or phone call. Sports betting written legalized in May 2023, and the first wagers were booked on August 15, 2023.

When you have successfully met all registration requirements, you can complete your registration online and pay the applicable fee. As part of the registration process, the College of Nurses of Ontario requires all applicants for registration or reinstatement to provide a recent police criminal record check. With school back in full swing, amateur sports and its public safety needs are top of mind as well. This year sees increased emphasis on concussion safety, as Rowan’s Law , took full effect earlier this year.

Mobile sports betting is allowed in Iowa, with DraftKings, PointsBet, FanDuel, PlayMGM and William Hill headlining the list of available mobile sports betting apps in state. The bill included a casino-friendly 6.75% tax rate on sports betting revenue, with full mobile betting permitted, the only caveat that bettors must register in person for mobile apps until the end of 2023. Our EZcomplete® application makes it easy to process your non-face-to-face applications and do business with Equitable Life. Access to i-Volve will end 30 days after your clients received access to Sentio, but plan members can complete any in-progress sessions until then. Equitable Life’s mental health partner, Homewood Health, has launchedSentio, an upgraded platform for Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy . This self-directed platform is now available to all Equitable Life clients, and it replaces Homewood’s previous iCBT platform, i-Volve.

I noticed that the majority of Canadian pets were being fed highly processed foods and I knew more needed to be done to raise awareness of a raw and species-appropriate diet. I grew up in Jordan, where raw food was my diet of choice for all of my dogs and clients’ pets. After obtaining my Ph.D. in Veterinary Microbiology from the University of Saskatchewan, I began my career in the research field and focused on vaccine development against bacterial diseases in poultry. EZcomplete gives you the option to conduct your non face-to-face business easily and quickly, enabling your clients to provide their signature remotely on their own device. You simply need to enter their email address and provide them with a secret passcode to securely access the documents to review and sign.

Play Alberta is the only regulated online gambling site in the province. There is no cost to submit an Eligibility for Gaming Licence application. William Hill is the current exclusive sportsbook for Isle of Capri , Lakeside Hotel & Casino and Prairie Meadows.

Groups that had a casino event in the same region and quarter receive an equal share of proceeds. There are currently 19 casinos in Iowa, 13 of which received operator licenses on launch day. Now 18 of the 19 state casinos have licenses, with the law saying they can each partner with up to two different sports books, so there is a lot of action and opportunity. Transitioning your furry friend from dry food to a raw diet from RawChoice only takes a few steps and a little bit of time!

This gives you and your clients the option to easily and efficiently connect remotely. Please remind your clients that plan members must sign all administration forms, including enrolment forms, benefits change forms, and beneficiary designation forms. Once completed, a plan administrator can keep the form or send it to us. We are not able to accept a beneficiary designation that has not been signed by the plan member. Having appropriately signed forms helps to ensure that any life insurance claims are paid to the intended recipients. Opifiny is an online platform that streamlines the disability claims process for consulting physicians, benefits plan sponsors, and disability plan members.