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Odds are a great indicator of how likely a bet is to pay out. The higher the odds, the less likely you are to win the bet. You should also take note of the amount you’re wagering on each bet. Wagering too little could lead to losing more than you stand to win, while wagering too much would mean that you don’t have enough money left to bet on other sports. It’s important that you choose a bet that’s within your budget.

You’ll be able to place wagers on markets such as the match result and totals while your favourite events take place. Savvy bettors often turn to in-play betting when looking for more favourable betting opportunities, depending on how a game is unfolding. LOTVBet is one of the best betting sites for League of Legends.

Before betting, learn more about theplayers and their track recordwith betting and the official standings. Here are a few of the top players in the world of competitive gaming. League of Legends helped repopularize the MOBA genre of games when it launched in 2009 from Riot Games. Today, it’s still one of the most popular games in the world – both for recreational play, and for high-level eSports. Overwatch launched in 2016, and this team-based First Person Shooter has surged in eSports popularity since the Blizzard-sponsored Overwatch League launched in 2016. Held yearly in the autumn, the DOTA 2 International has the largest prize pool in eSports – it exceeded $46 million USD in 2023.

Programming includes live events, news and shows on gaming lifestyle. This is a great way to get familiar with esports before starting to bet. In-Play esports bets are wagers you make while a live game is taking place. This gives you the chance to see how a game is going before betting on a winner. If you can choose only one betting site for eSports in Canada, we’d recommend Betway.

It’s a well-respected site with a great range of features for serious bettors. Its robust esports betting platform has a wide variety of markets available and you can bet on multiple competitions at once. The site also offers a generous referral program so that you can earn more points when you recommend it to your friends. I-LeagueBetting is another great betting site for League of Legends.

You can take advantage of that and use some of the available betting options to make your bets 24/7. Ninja, a superstar Twitch streamer, is one of esports biggest faces right now. But some will compensate by offering other bonuses like free bets. A bet in a specific sport like esports is called a “market”. Asportsbook that carries the most marketsis the best place to find a wide variety of available bets.

In some esports titles there are also gameplay options to bet on, such as the next team to score a point, the total kills in a match or accomplish a certain objective. Did you know esports has a global viewership to rival the Super Bowl? The most important step when looking for League of Legends bets is to take note of the odds.

In addition, you might also find more traditional betting options that are usually found at every LoL betting site. LoL is known to have some very special betting options that are only usable in League of Legends betting. Before placing bets, we really recommend using the following tips. Anyways, free bets are amazing opportunities for sports bettors. Due to these expectations and the hard competition among bookmakers, there are many different kinds of betting bonuses available for both new and existing bettors. We explore the iGaming industry to the fullest and analyze betting sites according to a series of strict requirements.

Live betting and in-play betting in eSports

Betting sensibly applies to all forms of gambling, including eSports. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of watching online games and wagering on their outcomes, and lose track of how much money you've spent. So, maintain a level head and do your best to stay within your limit by always establishing a bet amount. Despite the fact that the market is still expanding, it has established a solid reputation for the amount of money paid out to players.

Banking Options

The competitive season in League of Legends is annual, and sees a variety of major events throughout the course of the year. A lot of the action comes from the League of Legends Championship series, better known as the LCS. The LCS is split into two major leagues, North American and Europe, who fight throughout the year to ultimately try and make it into the premier event, The LoL World Championship. League of Legends as an eSport is serious business, with players earning salaries and some serious pay outs for the big tournaments. A lot of the highest earning players in League of Legends have clocked in over $350,000 in earnings, and the money will only continue to grow. By using OGCA, the responsibility falls upon the individual to gamble responsibly.

Having a good knowledge of the players, their risk factor and how a team is faring all go a long way to making an informed bet. Luckily, just a quick type into Google will find you countless eSports news outlets with all the information readily available, so it's easy to get up to speed. Much like with any sport, you can bet on esports odds and markets such as the moneyline, game spread, game totals, and even parlays. Esports is a recognized competitive sport that can be played by professional gamers in tournaments that command both cash prizes and global viewers into the millions.

It’s one of the most widely bet-on eSports events in the world. Curious about how we came up with our rankings of the best eSports betting sites? BUFF.bet reserves the right to withhold any bonus and winning amounts if we believe that the promotion has been abused or where irregular betting patterns have been discovered. The most popular eSports competitions in the business are those that are freely accessible to the general public. Understanding how points are scored and any special rules by playing the game might help you place your bets more efficiently.

In 2023, it is almost unimaginable for a bookmaker to not offer any bonuses. Esports is such a new field that even the biggest bookmakers haven’t fully adopted it to their selection. For many, the concept of esports still sounds unfamiliar though. As long as you have some form of internet connection, you can make a bet from your mobile device.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys film photography and making Spotify playlists. Some bookmakers now offer the option of streaming live esports. So you can watch the action unfold and watch your bets play out in real-time! Not only is this great entertainment but it also helps to develop your understanding of the sport if you’re a beginner. You might pick up some useful insight that you can put to use next time you place a bet. As every major tournament passes, the hype train surrounding esports only picks up speed.

The Most Popular eSports Watched Around the World

You should always pick a bet based on these odds so that you don’t end up losing money on a losing bet. If you’re looking at an individual betting page, odds will usually be listed on the side of the page near the bottom. You should also take note of the betting site’s rules and regulations.

The Championship Gaming Series folds and is credited as a massive failure, destroying trust in the esports world by mainstream broadcasters. The first EVO fighting game event is held, with the tournament continuing annually to this day. The aim is to outlast 100 other players on an island where a dangerous circle is forcing you closer together. Players must find weapons to take out opponents and build structures to keep themselves safe. If you should ever feel like LoL betting is starting to take a toll on your life, we advise you to find expert help.

Most eSports support common bet types like 1×2 bets, system bets, accumulator bets, and parlays. The odds and maximum wagers also vary widely depending on the game you’re betting on, and the sports book you’re using. Outright betting – The outright betting markets of any sport simply allow you to place wagers on the outcome of a particular event.

When a gambler selects one of our suggested websites, we make sure they get the greatest odds, excellent customer service, and a secure environment in which to place bets. CoD is a popular first-person shooter game with a long history in the gaming and the first shooter industries. New versions of games like FIFA and NHL are introduced every year. Each year, this keeps the eSports arena interesting and new.

Other small elements are scrutinized by our team to ensure that our recommended sportsbooks deliver the greatest betting experience. If the sports do not meet our criteria, they are not recommended; if the flaws are too serious to overlook, these sportsbooks are added to our blacklist. We make certain that all information given to a bookmaker is kept private at all times.

With so many different games and players to choose from, eSports is one of the best betting markets available today. Start betting now – and see why eSports could be the future of sports. Handicap – In a matchup between two teams or individual gamers, you’ll usually find that there’s a bookmakers favourite. In these instances, you might struggle to find good betting value. To level the playing field and attract bettors, esports betting sites place a negative handicap on the favourites and a positive handicap on the underdog.

Althoughesports betting is just like sports betting, the sport itself is an entity of its own. Firstly, competitive video gaming requires different skillsets than most other team sports. Esports is the next big wave of sports and sports betting.