One of the worst things that you could do is come up to me and tell me that you’re a perfectionist and that’s why you haven’t launched your business yet.

Imagine your future self coming back to have a talk with you and you’re so excited to talk to them because you want to know how successful you are.

And they get a somber look on their face only to tell you that you (we) aren’t successful at all.


That’s impossible!

How could this be?

They tell you that you kept on working on your business behind the scenes and you continued to move the goal posts further away. Because you wanted to make things perfect you always found things wrong. You thought that one day you would finally get to a point where NOTHING could be improved and then you could finally launch.

That day never came.

So you launched nothing.

It makes sense, right? That’s what perfectionism is.

The removal of all imperfections.

That means when you finally see absolutely nothing wrong, then it’s good to launch. The big problem is that you’ll always find something that can be improved because that’s how you think.

And that’s how you should think. You should consistently be looking around to see what can improve with your business but that shouldn’t prevent you from sharing your work with the world.

Perfectionism should be the pursuit of perfect with the understanding that you can’t find perfect on your own. You need others to provide you with feedback and for that to happen you have to get your work out there.

That’s all we do here at Pocket Business. We push things out because we have to see what others think. Then we get to go back and make things better.

We’re chasing perfection just like you. The only difference is we are getting somewhere with it.

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