10 Part Time Remote Jobs Hiring Now

Are you a student or a parent that needs a something that can fit into your busy schedule?

Or maybe you’re thinking of switching careers and you want to dip your toe into a new field to try it out? Or maybe you just want to gain some experience?

Maybe you already have a job and you’re looking for a side job?

If you want to make some extra cash and don’t have the time to work 40+ hours a week, a part time remote job could provide the flexibility you need!

Part time remote jobs can be done from home, or anywhere you have a computer and internet access!

Chat and Email Support

If you’d be interested in a customer service-style job but you don’t want to be on the phone, you could be a chat or email customer service rep instead.

These jobs mostly involve helping customers over a chat system or email, but there also might be some light selling involved also.

Qualifications Needed: Some companies may require you to be able to type a certain amount of words per minut.

How Much You Can Make: You could make $10 – $15 an hour.

Who’s Hiring: The Chat Shop and MeetEdgar hire part time chat and email support customer service reps.

Customer Service

If you’re a people person and don’t mind being on the phone, there are tons of companies that will hire part time work from home customer service reps!

Since this is a job that requires you to be on the phone, you will need a quiet area to work, and you may need a home phone line.

Qualifications Needed: None. This is a great job for people with little experience.

How Much You Can Make: You could make $10 – $20 an hour depending on the company and what kind of experience you have.

Who’s Hiring: NexRep and BloomsToday hire remote customer service reps.

Data Entry

Out of all the jobs on this list, this one might be the most flexible.

There are several companies that hire workers to complete short data entry tasks (for example you might be typing information from different documents).

Qualifications Needed: None.

How Much You Can Make: You can expect to make a $10+ an hour for data entry tasks.

Who’s Hiring: Lionbridge and mTurk hire workers for short data entry tasks.

ESL Teaching and Tutoring

This could be a lucrative part time job if you have the education for it!

There are dozens of reputable companies that will connect you with students who want to learn English as a second language.

Qualifications Needed: Most companies will require a bachelor’s degree, some companies may even require a ESL certificate.

How Much You Can Make: You could make $14 – $25 an hour depending on the company and how many hours you work.

Who’s Hiring: QKids, Magic Ears, and VIPKid are great companies to work for.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding cna be separate jobs, but they usually go hand-in-hand.

Medical coders take patient information, like what procedures they had done, and the diagnosis, and turn these things into codes.

These codes are used by the medical billers to help bill the insurance company.

Qualifications Needed: To become a medical biller or medical coder, you will most likely need a certification and some previous experience.

How Much You Can Make: The average hourly rate for medical billers is $16+, and the average hourly rate for medical coders is $18+ (Source: PayScale).

Who’s Hiring: Lexicode and nThrive have part time remote jobs for medical billers and coders.

Proofreading and Editing

If you’re good at picking out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, you could work part time as an editor or proofreader.

You could proofread more formal pieces of writing like essays, articles, legal documents, and press releases, or you might proofread or edit more informal pieces of writing like social media copy.

Qualifications Needed: For the most part you will just need some familiarity with common formatting types, but some companies may require previous experience and/or a bachelor’s degree or higher.

How Much You Can Make: The average proofreader salary is $52,849 (Source: Salary.com).

Who’s Hiring: Proofreading Services and Kibin hire proofreaders and editors.

Search Engine Evaluation

A search engine evaluator helps improve search engine results by analyzing the results to determine if they’re relevant and trustworthy.

Qualifications Needed: None! For some companies you may need to pass a test to become a search engine evaluator.

How Much You Can Make: Depending on the company you could make anywhere from $13 – $20 an hour.

Who’s Hiring: Appen and Lionbridge are popular companies for search engine evaluator jobs.

Social Media Marketing and Moderation

If you’re savvy with social media, you could get a part time remote job as a social media marketer or social media moderator.

As a social media marketer you may be responsible for creating social media content, engaging with potential customers online, and creating a social media strategy for businesses.

As a social media moderator you could be responsible for moderating comments or ads for companies.

Qualifications Needed: You will need some experience with popular social media websites and apps.

How Much You Can Make: The average salary for social media marketers is $52,737 (Source: PayScale).

Who’s Hiring: $99 Social hires content specialists, ModSquad hires social media moderators, and Lionbridge hires social media ad moderators.

Tech Support

Tech support is a similar to customer service jobs – but with tech support, you will be helping customers by troubleshooting their products or services.

Qualifications Needed: You won’t need any degree or certification, but most companies will want you to have some basic knowledge of the products you will be troubleshooting.

How Much You Can Make: You could make anywhere from $10 – $20 an hour.

Who’s Hiring: TTEC, Support.com, and KellyConnect hire entry level tech support reps.


A transcriptionist is someone that converts audio to text by typing what they hear.

This job might be a little tedious (and difficult if you’re just starting out) but the good news is that you will get better with practice!

Qualifications Needed: None!

How Much You Can Make: You could make $20 – $60+ per hour of audio transcribed (depending on experience).

Who’s Hiring: Rev, Allegis, and TranscribeMe hire entry-level transcriptionists.


Knowledgeable about certain subjects? Are you able to break down concepts in a way other people can understand?

You could get a part time remote job doing tutoring!

You could try to get your own tutoring clients, but there are tons of websites that will connect you with paying clients (like Chegg Tutors).

Qualifications Needed: It depends on the company you’re working for. Some companies will require you to be enrolled in college or already have a college degree. Other companies may just require you to have knowledge about the subject you’d like to tutor students in.

How Much You Can Make: You could make $15 – $20+ an hour depending on your experience and education.

Who’s Hiring: Chegg Tutors and Tutors.com has part time opportunities for tutors.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can provide a variety of services to business owners. They can do simple tasks like email management and social media moderation, or they can do more complicated things like community management and email marketing.

If you don’t have much experience, you could start by offering to do more simple tasks for a lower rate and then you can raise your rates and offer more services as you gain more experience.

Qualifications Needed: If you’re offering more basic services, you don’t need any experience or special qualifications. If you plan to do more complicated tasks, you may need to show that you have some previous experience.

How Much You Can Make: Virtual Assistants can make anywhere from $15-$45+ an hour, it just depends on the specific services being offered.

Who’s Hiring: Fancy Hands and Belay Solutions hires entry level virtual assistants. You can also try to find your own clients, or find work through Upwork.


If you enjoy writing, being a freelance could be a great part time job for you!

First think about what type of writing you’d like to do. Would you enjoy writing blog posts? Social media copy? Maybe something more formal like white papers or press releases?

Once you have that figured out, you can gather some writing samples to build a portfolio, then you can start pitching companies and brands.

Qualifications Needed: None! Some experience is helpful, but you can get started by offering a discounted rate or doing a few pieces of writing for free to help build your portfolio.

How Much You Can Make: Freelance writers are usually paid per word or a set amount for an assignment. Beginner freelance writers can make $0.02 – $0.05 per word, and more experienced freelance writers can make $0.07+ per word.

Who’s Hiring: The Pro Blogger Job Board is a great place to find high-paying writing gigs.

We also have an article that includes 10 of the best freelance writing sites, and another article that has 60+ online writing jobs.

Where to Find Other Part Time Remote Jobs

If you want to look for other part time or full time remote jobs here are some websites that you can use during your search:

General Remote Job Websites

Tech-Focused Job Websites

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What’s Next?

If you don’t have much experience but want a part time remote job, start by looking for customer service or customer support jobs. You can find these types of jobs through Indeed or FlexJobs.

If you’re open to other types of side jobs, check out our post on side jobs that pay cash.

FAQs About Part Time Remote Jobs

What are the best work from home part time jobs?

Some of the best part time work from home jobs are customer service rep, transcriptionist, virtual assistant, and social media manager.

What kind of work can I do from home?

Some of the work that you can do from home is: bookkeeping, customer support, data entry, ESL teaching and tutoring, medical billing and coding, search engine evaluation, social media marketing, tech support, and transcription.