Review (Real or Fake?) Here’s Our Review!

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I’m sure since you’re here, you’re probably wondering about You probably want to know if it’s real or fake, can you make money with it, is ANY of it legit?

Don’t worry, I’ll get into all the details! I will tell you what is, how it works, if you can make money with it, and what exactly happened when we tried to use it.

💰 Here’s the quick answer to Is a scam?: Yes, is a scam. It’s not a real survey website where you can earn money from them. It was set up to help promote affiliates. If you want to make money with surveys, try our favorite website, Survey Junkie.

If you want more details then keep reading!

What is

The homepage Homepage is a survey website that claims that you can earn $300 on your first day taking surveys with them.

Yeah it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? claims that all you have to do is signup to automatically qualify for high-paying surveys, and you will continue to receive “customized & exclusive offers” (sent to your email). You take the surveys they send you through email and you’ll get money. 🤥

How Does Work?

Okay, now you know how claims to work. Now lets get into how it actually works.

First you signup by giving your email, nothing else, just your email.

After you put in your email, you will check your email and see that you qualified for a $100+ survey! Yay you, right?

Not so fast… After clicking the link in your email you will be redirected to a random survey website. On this website, you might be directed to signup to take a survey, or you might be redirected straight to a survey, who knows. But you will see that it doesn’t say anything about anywhere. Weird, right?

When signing up on the new website, you might be able to take a survey, and you might even get paid. But this payment won’t be from All is doing is collecting your email so they can refer you to one of their affiliate websites. isn’t a survey website! They just want to make money by referring you to other websites that have surveys that pay! And you will probably NEVER get one of those coveted $100+ surveys!

Our Review (Yep We Gave It a Try!)

In order to see if was really a scam or not, we decided to try signing up.

We attempted to put in our email, and then we got an error page saying that the “mailing list is not currently active”, so we couldn’t even signup if we wanted to. I really wanted that $100 survey! Darn!

While doing some research, I came across this review of from Full-Time Home Business, that said that was just a clone of another survey website – Smart Dollars Club.

So we went to Smart Dollar Club to signup!

We were able to signup successfully! (Notice how similar it is to the page). I checked my email and found I was eligible for a $100 survey!

I was skeptical, but I clicked on the link in the email and was redirected to Survey Voices to signup. Not Smart Dollars Club or…

And here’s the thing, Survey Voices is a legitimate survey website (that I actually like!), but I also know you can receive a little bit of money if you refer people to them, which I think Smart Dollars Club and are trying to do. So this pretty much confirms to me that is a scam.

Is Legit or a Scam? is a scam, unfortunately. It might “work” but that’s only after you signup for other survey sites through them and take surveys on those websites, also it doesn’t say anywhere on the website that you will be taking surveys through another website, and there are no legal pages on the website that I can see.

There were just tons of red flags for this website. Here’s a small sample:

Promises of $100+ Surveys

These just don’t exist. At least not in the way that you think. There may be $100+ surveys out there but those are only available to a select group of people who researchers and/or brands really want to hear from, these high-paying surveys aren’t an everyday occurrence.

So any website that promises $100+ (even $50+) surveys are most likely scamming you.

Too Simple of a Signup

Surveys are for researchers or brands to find out more about a specific group of people and their opinions/reactions to things. When you signup for a survey website you SHOULD have to put in demographic information like your age, your ethnicity, what nationality you are, things like that. When you put in your demographic information, the survey website can match you to surveys that are right for you.

Almost every legit survey website will ask for demographic information if they don’t then you should be seriously side-eyeing that website.

Instantly Approved For Surveys

Remember how I said you need to put in demographic information? If you aren’t putting in demographic information, how you can be “approved” for any surveys? Especially ones that pay $100 or more? You could be anyone so why would someone pay that much for a random person’s opinion?

If you’re instantly approved for surveys, you need to take a second look.

Similair To Another Website

As you can see in the screenshots above, is EXTREMELY similar to Smart Dollars Club. Why would there need to be two websites if they do the same thing?

It seems like Smart Dollars Club is a known scam website – so I’d be wary of any websites that look like exact copies of other websites.

No Privacy Policy didn’t have a privacy policy or any other legal page I could find. There was something that said “Privacy Policy” in the footer, but I couldn’t click on it.

On every website that collects information (email, name, etc) there should be at the very least, a Privacy Policy that you can view. You have a right to see what data a website collects and what that data will be used for. Alternatives You Should Try

If you still want to take surveys for money, check out our favorite websites:

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Vindale Research is another great survey website. You can take surveys and then get paid through PayPal! They send you emails whenever there’s something available for you (so you don’t need to keep checking the website).