The Nifty Fifty

It’s easy to think about the fastest way to get more traffic or more subscribers or more money.

And you don’t really have to think about it because it’s pretty simple to answer.

Leverage the resources that someone else has already built up.

To do that though you need to find the 50 people that you want to work with.

The difference between wanting to work with them and simply doing a guest post (which are generally a waste) is that when you work with them, they are eager to promote you to their audience.

They look forward to it.

They can’t wait to share how you’re going to help their Hero with a Transformation.

That’s why it’s the Nifty Fifty.

It’s 50 people that you admire what they do and you’ll stop at nothing to work with them.

Who is on your Nifty Fifty list?

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