How to Make Money Flirting With Phrendly

Did you know that you can make money by flirting online?

It’s true!

Sound interesting? Maybe you want to dip your toe in?

If you’re interested in just flirting, or if you’re looking for love, you can use Phrendly to connect with other people (and make extra cash in the process).

Phrendly could be a great side hustle for you if you’re up for it. You could easily earn $1000 (or more!) a month just by chatting with other people! Seriously!

What is Phrendly?

Phrendly is a website (and Android app) where you can earn money for having flirty conversations with people.

You can exchange normal messages, videos, and even make voice calls through Phrendly.

One of the things I love about Phrendly is that it’s made for online-only relationships. There’s no expectation of meeting online, and they keep your personal information (like your phone number!) completely safe.

How does Phrendly work?

So here’s how Phrendly works:

First someone has to create a profile. They should make sure to add as much detail as possible to increase the chances of getting a message.

Someone (it could be you or your future friend) browses the app for someone interesting to talk to.

They can use the search feature to search for people by age, ethnicity, their “relationship speed”, and drink rate.

Once they find someone they want to talk to, they can send them a message by offer them a portion of a virtual “drink”.

If they don’t know what to say they can use the “suggest” feature on Phrendly. This feature analyzes their profile to help craft a special ice breaker message that would be relevant to them. Cool, right?

If the first message is received well, the conversation can continue and they can exchange photos, videos, or do a voice call.

**The person who initiates contact is the person who will pay for all messages going forward.

How to Make Money With Phrendly

You have the basics down, now it time to talk about how you can actually make money on Phrendly.

You can make money with Phrendly by responding to interactions (since the person who initiates contact is the person who pays for the conversations).

More specifically, you can make money by chatting with people, doing phone and video calls, and you earn money when you’re given a virtual gift!

How much can you make on Phrendly?

You could easily make $1000 a month or more by using Phrendly.

How much you earn depends on how many people choose to send you a message and how those conversations go.

Earnings By Interaction

Chatting – When someone sends you an initial chat (message), you will earn $0.35 (if you reply within 12 hours).

Phone and Video Calls – You will earn 70% of all earnings from phone and video calls (Phrendly takes the other 30%).

A virtual “drink” is needed to initiate a phone or video call, which are $10 which means you will earn $7 per call.

You have the ability to set how long each call is through your profile, which means you can control how much you make per hour.

Virtual Gifts – People can send virtual gifts valued between $5 and $100. For virtual gifts you will get to keep 90% of the value.

How do payments on Phrendly work?

If you’re interested in withdrawing your money on Phrendly you have three options, you can get direct deposit, get a check, or donate the money to charity.

*Direct deposit is only available to US-based bank accounts.

Direct Deposit

You have two options for direct deposit, express pay and monthly direct deposit.

For express pay, the payment will be processed every day, and it should show up in your account about 10 days later.

For monthly direct deposit, the deposit is processed on the 1st of every monthly and the payment should show up in your account within 10 days.


Checks are sent monthly on the first of the month (if you have a minimum of $10 earned), and you should recieve your check in 2 weeks.

**There is a $15 fee for any checks that get returned.


If you’re feeling generous you can donate your earnings to any of these 9 charities:

  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Children’s Health Fund
  • Doctors Without Borders USA
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • Scholarship America


If you do try to earn money on Phrendly as a side hustle, you will need to pay taxes on your earnings.

Phrendly will send you a 1099-K form if you earn more than $20,000 in one calendar year.

How to Get Started On Phrendly

If you’re interested in trying out Phrendly for yourself, you can head to their website and start the account creation process.

When you create your profile you will be asked what kind of people you’re interested in chatting with, your birth date, your ethnicity, and what language(s) you speak.

After that, you will be asked for your phone number, and you will be sent a verification code.

Then you will be given the option to add a set of 3 photos which will be turned into a GIF.

You can continue filling out your profile by adding a greeting, taking the personality quiz, and selecting your “relationship speed”.

Once your profile is complete, your profile should be approved by Phrendly. Now your account can be found in the search and you can start getting messages!

Let the messages rollllll in.

Maximize Your Phrendly Earnings

Once you get the hang of using Phrendly it’s time to start maximizing your earnings so you can start making bank!

Here are some easy ways to start a conversation and ways to keep conversations going so you can earn more money:

Fill out your profile completely! – Don’t forget to complete your profile and take good pictures for your GIF.
Profiles that have GIFs that show a person’s entire face get messaged the most.

Keep your alerts on! – You have up to 12 hours to respond to an initial message to earn money, but the quicker you respond the more likely someone is to engage with you again. Also, no one likes talking to someone who takes hours and hours to respond.

Star People! – Remember how I said the person who initiates contact pays for all the interactions going forward? Here’s a trick: find someone interesting that you want to talk to, and then “star” their profile! They can view people who starred their profile and hopefully they’ll start a conversation with you.

Check On Old Friends – Don’t forget to check on people that you’ve chatted with before! There’s actually a section called “Long-lost Phrends” that will show you people that you’ve interacted with in the past and how much you’ve earned with those previous friends.


If you’re looking for a way to earn money by flirting online, you can use Phrendly! Don’t forget to fill out your profile to help maximize your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phrendly

Can men make money on Phrendly?

Yes! If someone starts a conversation with you by offering a virtual “drink” you will get a portion of the cost of the drink!

What are some other websites like Phrendly?

If you’re looking for other ways to earn money by texting, you can use Text121 Chat, Chat Recruit, or Arousr.