Make Money Online

Every single day millions of people are making money online. Some are building new careers while others are building companies.

The question for you then becomes how can you make money online?

Can anyone make money online?

The simple answer is yes.

The longer answer is a bit more complicated than that.

How to Make Money Online

Instead of showing you the million and one ways to make money online, first you need to understand a simple formula. We call this the Pocket Business Formula and it’s the exact formula that every single business in the world uses to make money.

Audience x Offers = Money

That’s it. It’s a pretty simple formula.

Without those two things, you can’t make money.

So when you see someone else making money online you simply have to see if they have some type of audience and some type of offer.

They don’t need a million followers on TikTok. They just need one person that is willing to buy their offer.

How Anyone Can Start Making Money

So how can you start to make money online? Because there are 1000s of ways to make money it can be pretty confusing to start.

First, it’s important to understand that making money is about consistency and perseverance.

If you get frustrated after a week then you might as well not try. This isn’t for everyone.

Second, just think about who you want to help. If you aren’t sure about that then think about what you want to talk about.


Yes, to make money online in a consistent way for years to come you’ll need to build an audience. Remember the formula?

And to build an audience you need to talk about something that draws them in.

For example, if you look at my site,, you can see that I talk about personal development.

This is what I am building my audience around.

At Struggle College we obviously talk about how to make money online and build wealth.

Once you know your audience, then you can need to choose your offer. Your offer can be a number of things:

  • books
  • workshops
  • courses
  • coaching services

And the list goes on. If the goal is to go beyond just making money online and building true wealth, then you’ll want your own offer that you can scale.