How to Make Money on Pornhub

You sitting down?

Okay let’s talk about a few stats, here we go. First, did you know that the porn industry made over 6 BILLION in revenue in 2018?

Also did you know that Pornhub is the biggest porn website on the internet and had over 33.5 BILLION views in 2018?

Pornhub is a huge platform that makes money from their content (just think of the ad revenue!). 

You should definitely have a slice of that pie, right?

I’m going to share how you can get started on Pornhub, the different ways you can make money, and how you can maximize your revenue.

Secure the bag, y’all.

What is Pornhub?

I’m sure if you landed on this post, then you probably know what Pornhub is. 

But if you don’t know what it is, Pornhub is a website where you can view explicit videos, a lot of these videos are “homemade” and uploaded exclusively to the platform. 

Pornhub is a lot like Youtube, you can leave comments, leave likes, and even “favorite” videos.

Also here are some very interesting stats (from 2019):

  • There were 42 billion visits to Pornhub
  • 115 million visits per day
  • 39 billion searches on the website
  • 6.83 million video uploads 

As you can see, it’s a HUGE website with tons of content and lots of visitors!

Getting Started on Pornhub

If you’re interested in possibly making money on Pornhub there are a couple of different ways you can do it. 

But first we should discuss a few things:

  • Stay Safe – Don’t share your personal information publicly (including name, address, and phone number).
  • Also think about how you will feel about your pictures/videos being out there on the internet in the future.

If you’re confident you still want to try making money on Pornhub you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on Pornhub
  2. Get verified (this requires uploading a photo with your face and username)
  3. Submit a model application (this might require uploading a valid ID)
  4. Upload videos and make money!

10+ Ways to Make Money on Pornhub

You probably know that you can make money on Pornhub through the ad revenue you get from uploading videos – but this isn’t the only way you can make money on Pornhub!

I’ve got 10 different ways you can make money using Pornhub. 

Free-to-View Ad Revenue on Pornhub

These are just the regular videos that are uploaded right to Pornhub.

When you upload videos that can be viewed for free, you’ll earn some of the ad revenue.

The ad rate you earn will depend on how well the ads perform on your video (number of clicks, number of sales from the clicks, etc).

For the 2019 the RPM (revenue per 1,000 views) was $0.60

Pornhub Premium / Viewshare 

You can make your videos free to stream for Pornhub Premium (and still have a price for a download).

The videos on Pornhub Premium make significantly more money (than if they were just free to stream on regular Pornhub).

In 2019, videos on Pornhub Premium earned $35.58 per 1,000 views (instead of the $0.60 regular rate).

Ad Revenue From Pornhub’s Partners

Did you know that with Pornhub you can also upload your videos on their partner websites? 

Pornhub actually has an “export-to-partner” feature that lets you export videos right to Youporn, Redtube, and Tube8, and you can earn money from these websites, too.

Free-to-View (With Option to Download)

When you upload videos on Pornhub you also have the option of letting people download the video for a fee! 

You can earn 65% of the sale price from the videos.

Sell Videos on Modelhub

Modelhub is where you’ll sign up for the Pornhub Partner Program. It has a ton of features (including a profile where you can promote yourself!).

One of the features is that you can sell videos through your profile.

You will get 65% of the sale price.


If you have a following elsewhere or you’re willing to build one up, having a Fanclub can be another significant source of revenue.

A fanclub is a paid membership you create through Modelhub. 

You can have fanclub-only photos and videos to make it more special for your “fans”.

You get 80% of the recurring monthly revenue from your fanclub.

Sell Custom Videos

Through Pornhub and Modelhub you have the ability to get custom vidoe requests. 

You can pick your own price to make sure it’s worth it for you.

Just like the normal for sale videos, you get 65% of the sale price.

Tips Money

If your fans are really digging your content, they can show you some love by giving you tips!

You will get 80% of the tip price.

Referral Bonus

If you’re a verified user, you can refer your friends to join the program and earn a little finder’s fee. 

You get $50 for each person you refer who verifies themselves and uploads 2 verified videos.


Every month there are new contests for the Pornhub content creators! 

You can earn up to $1,000 for winning one of these contests!

If you’d like to see this month’s contests, visit the page here.

How to Get More Views on Pornhub

Since ad revenue is one of the main ways you can make money on Pornhub, let’s talk about how you can get yourself more views!


One of the main things you should be looking at is keywords

When you upload your video make sure you have keywords in the title, use all 16 possible tags, and select up to 8 relevant categories.

To find out what people are looking for, you can go right to Pornhub, or you can check out Pornhub’s blog, where they share insights into what is trending.

Networking and Growing Your Audience

Just like blogging, vlogging, or streaming, networking and growing your audience can really help boost your earnings.

Make friends on Pornhub and on other social media platforms by leaving thoughtful comments, liking and following other people.

If you’d like to read more about succeeding on Pornhub, they have a helpful article in their help section. 

Making Money Outside of Pornhub

There are a few ways that you can use your profile and videos on Pornhub to make money OUTSIDE of Pornhub:

Patreon Donations

You can start a Patreon and make money each month for providing exclusive content to your Patreons (like a fanclub onPornhub).


Just like Patreon, you can start an Onlyfans profile to provide exclusive content to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

If you make adult content, and have a large following, you can leverage this following and make money through affiliate marketing.

You can share adult products that you use and love and share a link to where other people can buy those same products.

For example, will give you a 20% commission rate!

Sell Underwear & Socks

I know this one may sound a little off the wall, but just hear me out.

You can make money selling your used underwear and socks!

I’ve seen underwear going for as high as $150! And if you were to combine that with a custom video of you wearing the piece of clothing…. 🤑

Pornhub Payments FAQ

How much does Pornhub pay?

This is probably the question you’ve been wondering, right?

The answer depends on how you decide to monetize, where you put your videos, and if you receive tips or orders to do custom videos.

But let’s say you’re just uploading a regular video to Pornhub.

According to the Pornhub helpdesk, the average RPM in 2019, was $0.60. 

This means that for every 1,000 views that your video receives, you will get $0.60. 

The most viewed video currently has 9.8 million views, which means it has earned about $5,880 (if we’re going by the $0.60 RPM), and this doesn’t include any extras that were given to the person posting the video (including tips, etc).

The $0.60 RPM might seem a little bit low, but there’s other ways to make money on Pornhub (besides uploading a video and getting ad revenue for it).

Payout Percentages

Depending on the method you’re using to sell your content with Pornhub, the amount of money you charge could differ. 

Here are the different payout percentages:

  • Pays 80% of ad revenue for free-to-stream Pornhub videos
  • 65% of video sales (this includes custom videos)
  • 80% of tip money
  • 80% of fan club subscription revenue

Payment Method & Threshold

So how are you actually paid on Pornhub? Yeah, I got all the answers! 

You will receive a payment monthly (if you’ve reached a minimum of $100). 

The payment is processed during the first week of every month, and depending on the payment method you choose, it could take anywhere from 7-10 days to be processed. 

You can see more info in their help article.

Payment Methods

There’s quite a few payment methods you can choose from (depending on your country)

  • Direct deposit
  • Paper check
  • Paxum (EU only)
  • Cosmo (EU mostly)
  • Crypto currency (you need a valid wallet ID)

If you’d like more information on payment methods, you can check out the help article.


If you’re interested in making money through adult-work online, Pornhub can be a great option! 

If you’d like a recap of what we’ve talked about, you can check out this video from Edith, who is a content creator on Pornhub