Hey Creators! You’re About to Make…

More Content. More Money. More Time for Yourself.

Your ability to build and grow an online revenue stream depends on your ability to grab people’s attention and keep it.

And to do that you need content.

A lot of it.

But ideas aren’t the problem.

Ideas aren’t that hard to come up with. You can easily see what’s working well for others and use those as your ideas.

In fact, you could do that until the end of the time.

You can even find some free writing prompts to get the juices flowing.

But so can everyone else.

And that’s the problem.

Everywhere you go you see the same content because everyone is just following the person before them.

It’s not a terrible strategy, but unless you’re at the front of the line it’s also not a strategy that moves you to the top.

And that’s really the goal.

While there are no standings for who is at the top of a niche, people know who the thought leaders are.

The ones that others are looking for when thinking about what content to create and also wondering why their content doesn’t perform as well.

It’s about getting more people to know about you in a way that makes you THE authority for your niche.

More authority, more opportunities. It’s pretty simple.

The truth is you don’t want to only create content that attracts people to you. Likes don’t equal money.

You want to create content that grabs their attention and builds trust in such a way that they actively look for more of it.

Content that gets your audience to want to pay for anything that you offer without you selling to them.

The type of content that makes them want to open your emails and follow you wherever you go.

You Need More Than a List of Prompts and a Worksheet

You need a system that is flexible to your brand. One that fits your personality and that you can grow into.

And more importantly, one that you can take to any platform and use.

People don’t want to leave the place they’re at. If they are on TikTok they want to stay on TikTok.

Your job isn’t to trick them to get off of TikTok. Your job is to make them want to learn more from you so they choose to leave TikTok to see what else you have.

You want to create a system that allows them to make their own choices which leads them to your offers.

Selling without selling if you will.

So I guess the question becomes how do you work this miracle?

Create a Content River System

Instead of creating content that feels like you are digging individual holes spread around, you need to create content that flows together while being its own resource.

You want content that people can naturally follow down a path that will lead them to all of their goals.

Like a river.

1. Find the Source

It goes beyond just coming up with ideas for content. It’s about finding ideas that move the needle and putting them together in a system that feels as though it can touch every corner of the Internet.

2. Survey the Path

It goes beyond just coming up with ideas for content. It’s about finding ideas that move the needle and putting them together in a system that feels as though it can touch every corner of the Internet.

3. Release the Water

With everything in place, you can now create 1000s (yes, I’m being serious) of pieces of content for your audience to consume.

Each pushes them further downriver to your sea of offers.

Build an Invisible Path Back to Your Offers No Matter the Platform

That’s what makes the Infinite Content Blueprint different.

It goes beyond just coming up with ideas for content.

It’s about finding ideas that move the needle and putting them together in a system that feels as though it can touch every corner of the Internet.

You shouldn’t have to…

  • …scramble for a new content idea every single day
  • …wonder why your content isn’t performing how you hoped
  • …continuously look for inspiration from others

You should be the one people are drawing inspiration from and wondering how you are coming up with great content daily.

Every single piece of content that you publish should play a role in building your online income.

Introducing The Infinite Content Blueprint

6 Weeks to Build a Lifetime Foundation

The Infinite Content Blueprint is a 6-week program that you can do at your own pace.

Each week a new section of content will unlock that will help you take another step towards having a system of content in place that will produce lifetime results.

Week 1: The Audience & Message

Great content is achieved through understanding your audience and using a unified message.

In the first week, you’ll make sure that you know exactly who you are talking to and what message you want them to resonate with across all of your content.

Week 2: The Pillars

You don’t need to cover a million topics to be prolific with your content.

In the first week, you’ll make sure that you know exactly who you are talking to and what message you want them to resonate with across all of your content.

Week 3: The Game

You still live in a world where the algorithms control your reach. You don’t want to go back to praying at its altar, but you do need to understand what type of content is working and how you can remix it into something better that fits your message.

Week 4: The Implementation

It’s time to start publishing content and getting your main river (your site), set up in a way that leads people naturally to your offers.

Week 5: The Network

In a perfect world, you’d be able to grow your river without the help of others. And you can, but it takes a long time.

Let’s speed things up by learning how to network and connect with other creators to give your content a boost.

Week 6: The Review

You don’t get shipped off without understanding how to review your system and look for the signs that things are going in the right direction.

Ready for Infinite Content?

If you’re on this page then you understand the importance of content. It’s the lifeblood of what you’re trying to do online and yet it’s the thing that so many people get wrong.

The best time to start creating Infinite Content was 2 years ago. The second best time is today.

The Map to Infinite Content That Works for Just $500

Plus, Weekly Content Reviews

Within the Infinite Content Community, you’ll be able to share your content for review by your peers.

Plus, I’ll be hosting weekly sessions where I review your content and content found around the Internet.

It’s important for you to grow as a Content Creator and that is only possible with consistent feedback.

Plus, Infinite Bonuses!

Okay, Not Infinite But Still Amazing Bonuses.

Alone, the Infinite Content Blueprint will help you find the success that you want.

But to ensure you go above and beyond what is needed with your content you’ll also receive these bonuses!

Each workshop could be a standalone product, but it only makes sense that if you’re going to master Infinite Content then you do so in ALL forms.

Twitter Mastery

Twitter is underrated compared to other social networks, but it’s where you can easily tell a story that thousands of people love.

Learn how to get the most out of Twitter by using your Content River System.

LinkedIn Mastery

Do you know what’s great about LinkedIn? The people there have jobs and are ready to level up.

LinkedIn is the hidden treasure when it comes to growing an online revenue stream.

Learn how to rule it before others start to notice.

The Art of Email

Want to write emails with insane open rates? The type of emails when someone sees your name they stop everything that they’re doing to open?

In The Art of Email, you’ll learn how to not only write emails that people want to read but also bang down your door for the next one.

Fairy Tale Prompts

Prompts aren’t always useless. They can do a great job of helping you add a story element to your content or come up with a new idea.

Fairytale Prompts will provide you with over 100 prompts that will ensure you continue to add that extra bit of zest to your content.

Invisible Copywriting

It’s said that if you can master copywriting, you can master the world.

Invisible Copywriting is the art of selling without selling.

There is enough pushy and manipulative copy out there.

Master the art of selling without selling with Invisible Copywriting.

The Storytelling Habit

Storytelling is the most important form of communication that we have.

But most people feel they don’t have any stories to tell.

In The Storytelling Habit, you’ll learn how to incorporate stories into every single piece of content that you create.

You Don’t Need a River If…

Will every single content creator on the planet get value out of this? Yes.

Does every single content creator on the planet need it?


The Infinite Content Blueprint works best for people that create content in the following niches:

  • Health (weight loss, fitness, diets, etc)
  • Wealth (make money, save money, freelancing, etc)
  • Relationships (dating, sex, marriage, etc)

If you would benefit from better content where your audience is actively looking for knowledge, The Infinite Content Blueprint will help.

If you aren’t sure if your niche falls under one of these categories feel free to send an email to support@struggle.co.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like how you’re becoming better with content? Not a problem.

Simply ask for your money back and it will be returned.

All that I ask is that you let me know how things could be improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be active for 6 weeks?

No. The material is delivered over 6 weeks but you can go through it at your own pace.

You will not lose out on anything by taking longer than 6 weeks to go over everything that is available to you.

Can my VA go through the program?

Sure thing.

The goal of the Infinite Content System is to help you create systems that anyone will be able to jump into and create the content that is necessary for your brand to grow.

Will you be there to provide feedback and support?

Yes. Beyond the weekly content reviews, you’ll find me inside of the community daily answering questions and providing any support that is needed to help you succeed.

I don’t live in the US, will this work for me?

The great thing about humans is that our needs and communication are universal.

The Infinite Content Blueprint focuses on systems and frameworks over tactics which allows you to make any adjustments necessary for where you live.

It allows you to think for yourself to truly get the most out of your content.

Can I apply this to any type of content on any platform?

Yes. The Infinite Content System is platform-agnostic.

You’ll be able to use it for platforms in the past, present, and future.

Unless, of course, the platform only allows for sounds of you blinking.

That might be a challenge.

I have another question!

Not a problem. Just send the question to support@struggle.co and you’ll receive your answer.

There Is an Opportunity Waiting

As Content Creators begin to flood every region of the Internet, people are getting exposed to more of the same content.

This has caused built-up demand for content that actually drives people forward.

A gap has been created that even the big dogs are missing. You have an opportunity to make an impact in your niche while everyone else continues to play the same content game.

As more people stick to their social media platforms knowing that content creators are trying to get them to leave just to sign up for a mailing list where they’ll get sold something, it’s getting harder for content creators to get results.

The answer isn’t to try harder doing the same things.

Now is the time to create a system where your audience flows from one point to the next and they’ll buy when they are ready.

And you won’t have to worry about missing them because your river will be everywhere waiting for them.

Hi! I’m Paul Scrivens and I’ll Be Your Guide

I created The Infinite Content program because over my years of helping 1000s of content creators build a living online, the biggest thing to hold them back is their content.

It’s not the offer.

It’s not the niche.

It’s the content.

So I wanted to create a program that follows the systems and frameworks I’ve been using for years that help me get the most out of every piece of content I publish.

Let’s Get Started Today!

There is no better time than today to start creating content that actually works for you.

Why hope and pray that a single piece of content takes off when you can have a system that all works together to get the job done?

And don’t forget that you get all of this for $500:

  • The Infinite Content Blueprint 6-Week Program
  • Twitter Mastery Workshop
  • LinkedIn Mastery Workshop
  • Fairy Tale Prompts Template
  • Invisible Copywriting Workshop
  • The Storytelling Habit Workshop

All of this with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!