Income Report: October 2020, $1,482.85

Welcome to the first Pocket Business Income Report.

In this income report, we are going to talk about:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Traffic
  • Subscribers

We’ll cover most of the brands that we are looking to build up over time. There are a lot of brands that we do have that won’t be in this income report and that’s simply because we don’t have a plan or strategy in place for them yet.

As we add more brands into our workflow we’ll add them to these income reports.

If you want fuller income reports along with a bunch of other goodies then be sure to check out the Pocket Business Lab.

It’s important to understand one thing.

These income reports do not cover how much Pocket Business itself makes.


Showing the “how to make money” money can throw off perspectives and our goal is to show how you can make great money in a variety of niches.

Claiming that we made $150,000 and $148,000 of it came from Pocket Business doesn’t help you out at all.

Make sense?


These income reports will simply cover the basics of each site. We give full analysis of each along with strategies used inside of the Pocket Business Lab.

Let’s begin.

The Quick Backstory

NONE of these sites besides Bogoten have been really worked on this year. Consider this Income Report as Income Report Zero where you’ll get to understand the foundation that each of these sites has.

The income reports here will initially be a little light for two reasons:

  1. Diving into the full history of each site and getting you up to speed would be a 30,000-word journey.
  2. A lot of the strategy and implementation for what will be done with these sites is covered in the Pocket Business Lab.

If you want to see what was done with Bogoten between October 2019 and September 2020 then be sure to check out the 12-month case study.

With all of that out of the way let’s dive into the income reports.


Since this is the first income report there is no comparison. I do a full income report history in the Pocket Business Lab if that’s something that you want to dive into.

The goal for November is obviously to get page views up and prepare the site for the January health craze push.

Talented Underachiever

This site is just getting started but it’s surprising to see the number of pageviews.

I assume this is because I talk about the site a lot within different Pocket Business content.

Dare to Capture

While this site does have 32 posts published there is has been zero promotion of any of them.

This will obviously change moving forward.


  • URL:
  • Started: February 2017
  • Pageviews: 62,726
  • Revenue: $575.29
  • Subscribers: 0
  • Posts published: 8

The Daily Nutrition

Total Revenue: $1,482.85

  • Ads: $1,482.85
  • Affiliate Marketing: $0
  • Products: $0

These are all of the totals from the different brands, but again, NONE of this is Pocket Business revenue.

At this moment it is all ad money as none of the other brands have an emphasis on affiliate marketing or product revenue.

This will obviously need to change in the future.

Total Expenses: $289

  • Hosting: $209
  • Amazon Web Services: $80
  • Flodesk: $19

This is where things are a little bit complicated because I can’t separate Pocket Business expenses completely from the sites that I talk about in these income reports.

For example, we manage our own servers using Digital Ocean and SpinupWP. That combination is $209 but that’s for over 41 sites so it throws off things a bit.

However, it’s just easier to show all of the hosting costs.

We use Amazon Web Services in combination with WP Offload Media to host all images and media assets.


Removes load from the servers and acts as our CDN to make the sites load faster.

Flodesk is currently used for Bogoten’s mailing list but we aren’t sure if we’re going to keep that around since mailing lists do require activity to stay fresh.

Total Profit: $1,193.85

Not bad for only one site being worked on all year.

As I’ve mentioned through this income report this is simply the starting point and while it’s not starting from completely zero (some of the sites are), it will be interesting to see where we can grow things and how fast.

What Next?

Now the real fun begins. Let’s see what we can do with these sites, but it’s important to keep in mind the long-term thinking.

Even we can fall into the trap of believing our own hype and thinking that we can turn things around overnight, but that isn’t how this works.

It’s important that we come up with a strategy, put our heads down, and go to work.