Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a funny thing, especially in the online space.

So many people are quick to come to the defense of others and say that they shouldn’t feel like imposters but is that really true?

In today’s world, how many people read a blog post and then feel like they know the ins and outs of the subject?

How many people have started how to blog products based on the fact they read a 1,500 word post showing them how to get Bluehost setup?

Some people have a legit reason to feel imposter syndrome and that is because they are imposters.

But then there are those who do feel qualified in teaching stuff and then get ready to sell and offer and lock up. They begin to question what makes them qualified even though they could easily list the things that would make them qualified.

In these cases, it’s a simple mindset shift to remove imposter syndrome. You’re not teaching people the one true way. You’re teaching them what has worked for you.

You’re sharing your experience which is a completely different mindset to have.

So are you the expert who listened to a podcast or are you the person sharing their own journey and experiences hoping that some people can get something from them?

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