How to Get Rich By Doing Just One Simple Thing

I was talking to my brother the other day and he said something. I can’t remember exactly what it was but it was along the lines of:

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple way to show you how to get rich?

This seems like a pretty good question to ask, right?

When I was little I figured that the only way to get rich was to have a really good job.

You had to be a lawyer or a doctor. There was no other option.

That’s because I didn’t know how much business owners could make. Nobody ever told me that if you owned a business and could scale it then the sky was the limit with how much you could make.

Instead, it was instilled in me that you went to a good school, got good grades, and then got a good job.

So that’s what I did.

Kind of.

When I graduated college I got a job that paid me $7.50 an hour.

That didn’t last long as I somehow fell into the world of freelance web design.

I made more on one project then I would in 3 months of working that job.

So I got fired.

That’s not a typo.

I didn’t quit. I got fired, but that’s a story for another time.

From there I start to build websites for both myself and others.

At one point, I created a website that acted as a web design gallery for people searching for inspiration.

I sold that for $20,000.

I thought I was rich!

Until I blew through in about 67 days and had to get back to the grind again.

Then I built another site and eventually sold that for $40,000.

I thought I was really, really rich!

But I wasn’t because I blew through that money in about 90 days.

Hey, let’s not talk about my spending habits. We are focused on answering the question of how to get rich.

Then there was a time period where I wasn’t making any money. Then I got another job.

I got fired from that one.

Then I got another job.

I quit that one.

Then I got another job.

That one disappeared as the company vanished.

That was the last time I worked for someone else. It was also when I realized that it was going to be impossible for me to get rich working for others simply because I didn’t have the skills that companies would pay me to get rich.

You see, if you want to get rich, your best bet is to get really good at something.

Usually, that’s one thing if you want to be paid by others.

However, if you want to run your own business then you need to be very good at two things.

You get to choose one and then the other one is always the same.

What is it?


If you can get really, really good at something and really, really good at communicating then you can make a lot of money.

That’s why so many people struggle. They get really good at something, but they are terrible at communicating and therefore they don’t make much money.

That’s really all online business is. The ability to communicate with a person and let them know that you have something awesome for them. But in this post what I want to do is give you a bit more guidance on how you can get rich.

You ready?

How to Get Rich by Starting an Online Business

First, let me say that I don’t know jack shit about investing. I don’t know about stocks. I don’t know about real estate.

So I can’t tell you how to make money with that stuff.

I specialize in building businesses with strong brands that people love.

That’s how I can teach you to get rich.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems. The concepts that you learn here will be easy to grasp, but the execution will be hard.

Not because it’s technical, but because you actually have to do it.

You see, the idea of getting rich is pretty cool. The idea of doing the work to get rich isn’t.

It’s only those people that are ready to do what is necessary to get rich that actually get rich.

I’m serious.

If you want to get rich it’s going to start with mindset.

Your Rich Mindset

I’m not going to go into a big spiel about Law of Attraction and tell you that if you think about it enough then money will come to you.

What I’m going to tell you is that if you want to get rich then first you have to decide that you’re going to get rich.

That’s right.

You have to actually make that decision.

I am going to get rich.

You see, you can’t do something until you decide to do it. If you don’t decide to do something then how can you do it?

You can’t think that it would be cool to be rich. You have to think that you’re going to make it happen because you’ve decided that will be the case.

That’s it really with regards to mindset. There isn’t much more to it.

You just have to remind yourself constantly that you’ve made this decision. It’s very easy to say it today and then forget about it tomorrow, but if you say it enough then eventually it just seeps into your soul.

Trust me. When you’ve decided you want something and that you’re going to get it, then you’ll go and get it.

It’s quite possible that you’ve already decided it and that’s why you’re here.

That’s that Law of Attraction stuff coming into play.

Anyways, once you’ve decided that you’re going to be rich what do you do?

Well, you need to take action and as I said before, the action for me is to start an online business.

This is where things get fun.

How to get rich

The Formula for Business

You might think that business is complicated, but I’ve broken it down to a pretty simple formula.

Audience x Offer = Money

That’s it.

I’m being serious. Business is no more complicated than that.

While I talk about this formula more in-depth in other posts I’ll do a quick rundown for you here.


Your audience is actually what we like to refer to as the Hero. This is the one person you’re talking to. This one person represents hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, but you think of them as one person.


Because you need to behave like you’re talking to one person and one person only.

The better you get at that (remember, communication is one of the essential skills) then the better you’ll get at increasing the Audience number in the business formula.


People only buy one thing and that is improvement. Your offer has to provide them with improvement in some way and you have to effectively communicate (there it is again) that your offer can provide them with some improvement.

The better improvement you can offer, the more money you can charge for it. The more money you charge, the more money you make.

Now this offer can take many different forms.

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Courses
  • Books

And a million other things.

This is where you might be telling me that you don’t have the skills to provide any type of offer.

The Two Things

However, remember when I said you needed to get good at two things?

Communicating is one and the other thing is whatever your offer is going to be on.

When I started to help people build businesses I started with web design because that’s what I had gotten good at over the years. Then I added Pinterest marketing to my arsenal.

Over time I kept on adding more skills until overall I became very good at building businesses.

So that’s what I focus on now.

  1. Building Businesses
  2. Communication

Getting rich with your online business isn’t about learning technology or a million other things.

It’s about building an audience of the RIGHT people and then making sure they know you have the RIGHT offer for them.

Look at the formula again.

Audience x Offer = Money

The more you increase one of the variables, the more money you make. If you can increase both variables then you make even more money.

That’s online business.

Just keep in mind that Audience isn’t subscribers or followers or any of those vanity metrics. Audience is your Hero and your Hero is a buyer.

That’s it.

Your audience is buyers.

Start Simple

Everyone reading this won’t get rich over night. In fact, you can’t get rich until you make your first $1.

From there you can continue to build up your assets.

But it would be silly to teach you how to make your first dollar so why don’t you check out how to make $100 a day online to start?

We can take this even further by showing you how to start a business with no money. No, it’s not sleazy whatsoever. It’s legit and it just comes down to your ability to understand your audience and provide them with value.

No different than what we talked about above.

Time Is Money

You do have to be careful though. To get rich you have to understand that time is really money.

If you’re exchanging your time for money then you’re probably not going to make enough for anything.

Sure it’s great selling stock photos to make money, but that isn’t going to scale until you have a massive catalog of photos.

Even then you’d have to make there is a market for your photography.

Work on building assets that will maintain their value and allow them to do the work.