Hero Accountability

I’m a huge fan of the 1,000 True Fans theory of business.

It’s what I base all of my businesses around and I love talking about it with people.

When I do you can see a glimmer in their eye. They get excited about the concept because it makes perfect sense to them.

I just need 1,000 people to succeed with my 6-figure business.

It’s kind of relieving to think of it that way.

Instead of trying to get a trillion followers like Kylie Jenner you just need to go out and find 1,000 people who truly love what you do.

Considering that there are over 7 billion people in the world that shouldn’t be that hard to do.

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So they sit down, figure out their Hero, and then get ready to work on their business.

But something happens.

They freeze up.

They think their Hero might be too narrow.

But, but, but, but I can also help the person with this!

They expand their Hero so much that their Hero no longer seems like a unique individual. Instead, the individual is a blob.

The Hero is now the same person that the big brands try to attract.

The mystical every person.

You can’t win playing this game.

That game is meant for the companies with deep pockets or the influencers that happen to be one in 100 million, not you.

You don’t want to play that game anyway.

You think you want to play in front of packed arenas, but the reality is you want to play at the underground joints where people aren’t looking at their phones.

They’re staring at you and soaking in the experience.

So why don’t people pursue this route?


When you narrow down your Hero to a specific person you have this feeling that there aren’t that many people like that around.

What if there really are only 50 people that fit your Hero? That means you need most, if not all, of those 50 to love what you do.

You’re accountable to them with no leeway.

That can feel like a lot of pressure.

So you decide to expand the definition of the Hero a bit so that maybe there is a pool of 50,000 people instead. That gives you more leeway.

Surely you can make money from those 50,000 people, right?

But the problem is those 50,000 people could have 7+ different worldviews and one day someone is going to come along and speak directly to one of those worldviews and pull that group of people away from you.

Then another day another person is going to come along and do the same until they are all gone from you and what do you have left?

No one.

And here’s the thing you don’t realize. If you would’ve stuck with those 50 people that you were scared to talk to because they weren’t enough for you, then you would see that they truly loved everything that you do because you spoke to them like nobody else did.

They would be genuinely excited about everything that you did and because of that they would eagerly tell the world about you and that would make the world curious.

The world would begin to check you out and now that 50 is really 1,000.

No business ever starts with 1,000 people. It just seems like that because we hear the success stories after the fact.

Learn to be accountable to one person. Serve that person to the best of your ability and you’ll find that that one person could actually be one million.

Next thing you know you’re playing in front of packed arenas where everyone is focused on you.