Getting Fired

Getting fired is a good learning experience.

I mean that.

It can either show you something about yourself or the person that you worked for.

If you get fired for doing good then you know it’s a shitty place to work.

If you get fired because you fucked up then you need to take a look in the mirror and understand why you did what you did.

That’s how it worked for me the both times I got fired.

Both times were on me.

100% my fault.

I never put the blame on anyone else because I could’ve prevented it. Instead, I did what I felt because I am the way I am.

This told me something about me and that was basically that if I wanted to live life on my terms then I would have to control the game.

So each time I got fired, I looked into starting a business.

By no means do I think you should get fired just so you’re motivated to start a business, but I’ve read too many stories of people getting fired and they put the blame on others.

Now, if you get fired for whistleblowing because you see something wrong, then that’s on them.

However, if you get fired and you know you did something that’s off then you need to evaluate things and decide where you want to go from there.

As for me? I’d probably get fired 10 more times because that always seems like the right move at the time.

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