The Future of Content in the Creator Economy

By now you should know the rules.

  1. To make a living in the Creator Economy you need to create content
  2. That content has to be good enough to stand out over all of the other content out there
  3. When your content does stand out it has to convert your audience from consumer to buyer

You know those rules.

The only problem seems to be that the rules aren’t playing nicely.

You create content so that isn’t a problem. Okay, some days it is a problem because you aren’t sure what to create.

But eventually, you figure it out and publish some content.

Then you wait.

Each time the feeling is that THIS ONE will be THE ONE.

Sometimes it is.

Most of the time it isn’t.

It’s so damn annoying.

How long are you supposed to wait until this content thing finally works?

If you keep on doing what you’re doing then the answer is never. It will never work.

You might finally get more of your content noticed, but that’s where it stops. It’s getting harder and harder to convert your casual audience into a serious audience.


You’ve trained them to be that way.

Of course, you didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not even your fault.

You learned how to create killer content one piece at a time without thinking about how it fits into the overall system of things.

Plus, you’re fighting against the algorithms.

It’s the job of the algorithm to keep people AWAY from your site and if they’re not going to your site, then they aren’t buying things.

So what are you supposed to do?

To answer that question, we need to answer another first.

How Do You Want to Make Money?

This is a pretty important question for understanding the future.

What usually happens when the algorithms start to make changes, the content creators become more desperate. They think of more ways to trick people into clicking on links to go to their sites.

And what happens when the landing pages aren’t working?

They think of more effective sales tactics to get people to buy.

I get it. That’s the game.

The question then becomes if that’s how you want to play it.

If so then you don’t want to be here. There are people WAY better at teaching you how to make money as a creator that way.

Search for whatever niche you want to make money in on your favorite social network and find them.

You can make a lot of money manipulating people and that’s the scary thing about being a Creator.

But you can also make a lot of money through building trust and helping.

For some, there is no difference.

But for others the difference is clear.

The person that decides to buy from you out of manipulation isn’t ready or they can easily resent you.

The person that buys from you out of trust is ready and they will see better results and in turn you’ll feel better.

You’re probably still reading because you’re interested in creating trust-based content.

But what does that look like exactly?

For that, we will need to look at what is called The Infinite Funnel.