Full of Shit

One of the hardest aspects of building an online business (I feel like I say that statement a lot…) is that you can’t lie to yourself.

It’s very easy to be full of shit when you think about what you’re doing.

Some people like to be full of shit about working hard.

Some people like to be full of shit about creating quality.

Some people like to be full of shit about helping people.

It’s not good to be full of shit.

It’s terrible to be full of shit.

It gets you in trouble.

But I’m not naive to think that self-reflection is easy. It’s difficult to realize you aren’t as great as you think you are.

That’s when you remind yourself that you’re a work in progress. There is NO REASON to lie to yourself.

On the flip side of the coin there is also no need to be hard on yourself either. Life will do that for you.

Instead, just promise that you won’t be full of shit, but you will celebrate your wins, big or small.

If you find that you’re not celebrating anything but still think highly of yourself for whatever reason.

Well, you’re full of shit because if you aren’t celebrating anything then you aren’t taking action.

Potatoes don’t get to say how awesome they are.

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