False Beliefs

I didn’t learn about the concept of false beliefs until a couple of years ago. I wish I had learned it when I was a kid.

It’s amazing how much false beliefs hold us back. They are great at protecting our ego.

They allow us to justify why we aren’t moving along the path towards our goals.

I would love to start a business but I have no money.

Do you need money? No? Okay, then, there goes that false belief.

When you are able to remove the false beliefs of your Hero then you become their Guide. Why?

The reason is simple.

Nobody else has shown them that what they believed in was false so why should they listen to anyone else? There really is no reason.

You were the one that came down and shined a light upon them and therefore you should be the one that they listen to.

Figure out the false beliefs of your Hero and then you have a roadmap for what you should be talking about with them.

Figure out your own false beliefs and you now have a roadmap of the actions you should take to finally reach your own goals.

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