Creator Economy

It’s hard to imagine the impact the Internet would have on the world when it first started to rise in general popularity in the 90s and early 2000s.

You could see how companies would be making money online, but people?

However, if you knew that one of the main functions of the Internet was for people to consume content (both good and bad), then the advent of the Creator Economy should come as no surprise.

But what exactly is the Creator Economy and why is it a thing? Is it just for people doing silly dances on TikTok or is it more?

What Is the Creator Economy?

The simple answer is that the Creator Economy is composed of individuals that create content online to make money.

But that simple answer doesn’t come close to telling the whole story.

I’ve been making money online for over 20 years and none of it has been through content that I would call pure entertainment.

All of it has been through content that is educational and informative (mixed with a bit of entertainment when I’m in the mood). The reason for this is that the Internet has allowed people from all over the world to learn almost anything.

While people assumed that the Internet would allow for a more equal distribution of wealth, what it has really done has provided an equal distribution of opportunity.

Literally, anyone that can find a way to connect to the Internet can participate in the Creator Economy. And that’s a beautiful thing.

But the question many have is how do you participate in the Creator Economy? Do you just show up, post some content, and then things happen?

Of course not. Billions of people are posting content online and getting nothing out of it. Many aren’t trying to get anything out of it.

But you can.

Becoming a participant in the Creator Economy doesn’t require you to be an expert in anything. You just have to know the game that you’re playing and show up consistently.

If you’d like to give it a shot then you can start with our Orientation to see the simple formula that all people use to make money online.