All About Blogging and Making Money

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!

Now, I know you’re excited because blogging really is awesome, but it can also be extremely overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created this wonderful page for you to remove the overwhelm and guide you through all of the obstacles of blogging, but first, there is something important that you must know.

We blog to make money.

We don’t blog as a hobby. We treat blogging as a business because it allows us to help more people and so I’m going to assume that you’re here because you’re interested in blogging to make money.

But why do we love blogging so much?

Because it gets the job done.

But what’s the job?

Great question.

Every successful online business follows a specific framework for success. No online business strays from this framework.

What is it?

why blogging is great

The Pocket Business Framework.

It’s pretty simple.

The Hero is your audience. If you can follow that framework you will make a lot of money online.

And a blog can help with all of those things if you just follow the Pocket Business Framework which consists of the following steps:

1. Get them to notice you.

You can pull people in with a great blog post title. How often are you scrolling through social media, seeing a headline catch your eye, and clicking on it?

How often do you search for something on Google and you click on the first result because it is there?

A lot of times those clicks are going to send you to a blog.

2. Get them to pay attention to you.

Now that you have someone on your blog you have to make sure that you keep their attention by writing killer content.

When your content gives the reader exactly what they were looking for then they will pay attention to you.

As they see that you also have other pieces of wonderful content on your site they’ll continue to explore which means you’ve kept their attention.

3. Get them to trust you.

How do you build trust online?

You help people.

That’s really what blogging is all about. The more you can help people, the more they will trust you.

This trust then leads to making money.

You can continue to build trust by building up your mailing list and sending emails that people love.

4. Convert that trust into money.

This is why you’re here right? To make money!

When people trust you, selling no longer feels like selling. You aren’t trying to overpromise on things that you can’t deliver.

You’re simply letting the person know that you have something that will help them even further.

But what about ads? Don’t worry, you can still make money with those, but it takes time to build up traffic and we don’t see any reason why you should wait to do that.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

This is the big question right and if you’re here then you know the answer for everyone else.

Every single business that we start begins with a blog as its foundation.

I’ve already explained why that is with the Pocket Business Framework.

But the real question is can YOU make money blogging and the answer is yes.

Blogging is not just for a certain type of person. If you’re willing to put in the work and follow the right steps, then you can make money blogging.

7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Great

But if you’re still not convinced as to why blogging is great let me give you some more reasons.

1. You can do it at your own pace

With building a blog business there are no deadlines. You go at your own pace.

Does this mean you’ll have the patience to wait for success?

Maybe, maybe not. But that’s going to depend on you.

However, you won’t have to get that blog post out today if you don’t want to get it out today.

Growing a blog is similar to growing a forest. Every day you plant seeds and you keep moving forward.

At some point, you look back and you see these giant trees growing behind you.

2. It’s inexpensive

Having the idea to start a business can usually begin with a simple question:

How much will this cost?

Thankfully, blogging doesn’t cost much to start.

At the bare minimum, you want your own domain and some web hosting.

That’s it.

You don’t NEED to buy a premium theme.

You don’t NEED to buy fancy plugins.

Just you and your blog. That’s it.

3. You Learn as You Go

Blogging isn’t something where you need to learn everything upfront.

You learn as you go and you continue to build a stronger and higher foundation.

Once you get your blog installed you can begin publishing content, but guess what?

You don’t need a blog to start writing.

You can begin writing your blog posts in Google Docs or wherever else, make sure you feel comfortable writing, and then start a blog!

4. There Are Unlimited Niches

There aren’t just a couple of blog niches that you can make money in. There are thousands of blog niches out there waiting for you.

I like to say there is an infinite number but people never believe me when I say that so I lowered the number to “thousands”.

5. It Creates Opportunities

This is kind of the unspoken benefit of blogging but it’s a huge benefit.

When you write awesome content that helps people then you’ll find that more people want to work with you.

This opens the doors to possibilities that you didn’t even imagine before.

You might find that bigger companies want to sponsor you or other bloggers want to collab.

Blogging helps to introduce you to the world and show that you’re someone that others should work with.

6. Multiple Revenue Streams

I’ll admit that this is the fun one.

Because your blog is the marketing department of your business, you’re given the opportunity to make money in a number of different ways.

This is why when you ask how much do bloggers make, you also need to ask how many different revenue streams do they have.

For example, here is just a sample of the different ways that your blog can help you make money:

  • ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • selling offers
    • ebooks
    • courses
    • printables
    • workshops
    • masterclasses
    • kits
    • tools
  • selling services
    • coaching
    • social media manager
    • virtual assistant
  • sponsored posts
  • online events
  • memberships
  • physical products

The list really does go on and on.

7. You Continue to Learn

For me, this is the greatest thing about blogging.

I think the best way to learn is to explain things to others and when you write a blog post you have to explain something.

That means that every time I write a blog post I’m actually just blogging to learn myself because if I can’t explain it well enough that my audience can understand it then it’s not going to be a very good blog post.

Or sometimes I’ll create a really detailed free Workshop, like this one:

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