Apprentice Master Blueprint Special Offer

The Apprentice Master Blueprint

There is a Universal Law that everyone knows deep down but often tries to ignore.

The best way to make money is by helping other people make money.

It’s not the ONLY way, but it is the best way.

Because when you let people know that you’ll give them back more in return than they gave you, it becomes a lot easier for them to hand over money.

If you give me $5 and I make you $10, then that’s a good deal for you. In fact, you probably continue to give me $5 as long as I continue to give you more back, right?

Fill up their piggy banks and they’ll keep coming back.

You Don’t Want to be THEM

But if we’re being honest, the how-to-make-money niche just feels slimy. When it comes to money, everyone wants to be involved.

The pushy people.

The people who obviously haven’t made any money but pretend that they did.

Those that know their thing doesn’t work but have no problem making you believe it does.

Terrible people.

You don’t want to be like them.

Buy this hammer!!!!!!!

You have a conscience that says you only want to help people in positive ways. You want to go to bed with a smile on your face.

That’s great, but it comes with a problem.

If you can’t fake it till you make it or lie your ass off then what can you do? Do you force yourself to try and make some other method work online?

(Shoutout to those of you trying to sell kitten mittens!)

This gets harder the longer you go without making money because you still see others doing well.

You might even get jealous of those people who are making a ton of money teaching people blogging, affiliate marketing, TikTok, or whatever else.

You tell yourself that those people must have no souls to do those things and that you’re better than them. You have a stronger moral code!

Or maybe you believed they studied for a decade before creating an offer.

It’s probably neither. They just chose a path that many miss.

There is an OBVIOUS PATH that you can take that will allow you to:

  • Feel confident in what you’re doing
  • Truly help people make more money and progress with their life
  • Become an expert in your field without having imposter syndrome

What is this path?

You Need to Become an Apprentice

Back when people used to make things with their hands, being an apprentice was a pretty cool thing.

You learned on the job and how you learned was by working with the tools and creating things.

You messed up, but you learned.

You started with one tool and you got really good with it.

Then you moved to the next one.

And then the next.

Eventually, you became so good that you could teach others about the tools and how to make things.

I promise you won’t need to wear an apron in a classroom.

People came to be your apprentice!

And even when that happened you didn’t stop learning. You kept on pushing the limits of your tools.

If a new tool came out, you were the first to give it a shot and see if it was worth anyone’s time.

It might seem like those times are gone because now everything is digital, but that just makes this whole approach even more important.

Because of the pandemic and the economy, people are learning that they can’t trust the businesses they work for.

More people are coming online LOOKING for what they can do.

They come across a tool that they feel will help them progress in life, but they don’t know what to do with it.

This is where you can establish yourself as an authority in a niche and set yourself up for years to come.

Believe me, he didn’t do anything special that you can’t do.

The New Digital Apprentice

Even better is the fact you don’t have to spend years learning before you start to make money.

If you can get kind of good with a tool and show a specific group of people how to use it so they can make more money (directly or indirectly), then you can get paid to do so.

As you continue to learn, you can continue to make money.

The more you learn and share with your audience, the closer you get to expert (Master) status and the MORE people come to you for help.

Over time you can have a whole business based around a single tool.

But there is a catch. There is always a catch, right?

The Hidden Catch to All of This

You can’t just learn ANY tool and teach it to ANYBODY.

There are things you have to keep an eye out for with the tool…

  • Does it have a future or is it fading?
  • Does it have a community that actively wants to get better with it?
  • Can people see an obvious way to use the tool to make more money (directly or indirectly)?
  • What is the teaching landscape with the tool?

And then you have the most important question of all…

How do you sell your learnings?

Introducing the Apprentice Master Blueprint

These are things that I’ll be covering over the next 4 weeks in The Apprentice Master Blueprint.

Starting on August 16th and ending on September 13th you’ll follow me as I do the following:

  1. Research a tool to apprentice
  2. Find the right audience to market the tool to
  3. Unlock what workflows of the tool are most important to teach
  4. Learn the tool
  5. Create an offer around the tool
  6. Build an audience around the tool and my learnings

There will be 4 Live Workshops (recorded so you can view them later) covering the different aspects of the Blueprint and how to implement them along with bi-weekly (twice a week) status updates on my own progress.

You’re going to follow me as I build a Pocket Business from scratch in 4 weeks.

This is not a one-time offer. When this is done I’ll make this offer evergreen and increase the price.

You can follow along and learn the Bluerpint over the next 4 weeks so you can get started on it as quickly as possible or you can wait until late September to catch up on everything.

Or you can just ignore this completely and continue doing what you’re doing now.

What Are the Risks?

You might already have a business that you’re working on, but all of this seems very tempting to you. You like money and logically this makes perfect sense.

You’ve probably purchased some learning material in the past to help you learn a tool or at least watched a video on YouTube.

So should you stop working on that business to pursue this?

It depends.

If you can look at your business and you can see how it will align with your financial goals and the life you want to live in the future, then stick with it.

But this is an obvious path to building something that makes money. There are no fancy tricks.

“But there can’t be that many tools to learn so won’t the market become saturated?”

When it comes to online learning, saturation isn’t a thing because people are choosing to learn from the people they like. You and someone else that purchases the Blueprint might learn the same tool, but it doesn’t mean you’re going for the same audience.

It doesn’t even mean you’re teaching the same aspects of the tool!

What you’ll learn in the Blueprint is how to choose an angle and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

“But how will I get people to buy my learnings?”

The fun thing about this approach is that the marketing comes with the tool and audience.

The tool already has a community that draws in more people that want to learn it.

The tool you choose also produces a result that people in the niche didn’t know was possible so they will want to come and learn it.

As the business behind the tool continues to add marketing around the tool, the more people there are to want to learn from you.

As you continue to talk about the tool, more people get introduced to it and then want to learn from you.

It’s a perfect ecosystem of marketing!

I Love Your Dreams

I didn’t create this offer to make you question your dream of building an eggplant cupcake business. If you feel you need to follow that dream then by all means please do.

And send me some free samples!

But there are some people that have a dream of financial and time freedom. Those who want to make something work so they can change their lives.

They just aren’t sure of the entry point to that dream.

This is for them.

Or maybe you’re the type that wants to have a backup plan in case those cupcakes don’t work out.

Either way, you can get access to this 4-week journey for $99.

You’ll get access to the finished Blueprint offer as well when it’s ready (I have to package all of the stuff that I cover in 4 weeks in some nice wrapping).

I’m only opening 100 spots because I’m going to need some solid testimonials for those that follow through on the Blueprint and the best testimonials usually come from those that take action.

Again, you will be able to buy it later and of course, it will cost more.

The fun starts next week. Click the button to get started.