ATTN: All Creators That Are Stuck

Spend Less Time on the Things You Hate While Making More Money Doing What You Love

How to Get ALL Of Your Sales Emails, Social Media Content, and Offers Done WITHOUT Waiting On You

Did you know…

It takes too long to get good at everything to succeed with this business thing.

It also costs too much to hire others to be good at it.

Here’s the problem you face: you need to be good at YOUR thing while also being good at the business stuff.

The more you try to catch up with learning this stuff, the further behind you fall on something else. It’s a cruel game.

This is why you struggle to make this thing work. Which means you’ll never reach that magical goal that you have.

But last Fall, something changed. At least for everyone that was paying attention.

Something called ChatGPT was released. You might’ve heard of it. It’s an AI thing.

Okay, that’s underselling it by a lot.

Successful Creators Need Help

Successful creators find help in some way because doing everything on their own can be overwhelming.

The point of being a creator isn’t to have another job. It’s to give you more freedom which can be hard to achieve when you have to do everything.

But who do you hire? How much do you spend? What if you don’t have the budget to hire someone?

Even if you do find someone you spend so much time looking over their shoulder that you might as well do the work yourself.

And if you fire them guess what? You have to spend time looking for another person to help you!

It’s draining.

Say Hello to Your New VA

Your new VA is good at almost everything that would take you years to be good at.

Your AI VA is going to help you…

  • Come up with an unlimited number of offer ideas
  • Write sales page copy
  • Generate social media ideas & content
  • Compose whole blog posts
  • Craft amazing sales sequences
  • …and a lot more

How much more could you do if something else was doing most of the thinking for you?

I’ll answer that for you. A lot.

All it takes is one week to get good at AI to start moving your business forward.

Not just figuring it out, but using it effectively to make more money and give yourself more time to do what you want.

Don’t let the term AI fool you. You don’t need to be a hacker. You don’t need to figure out algorithms, whatever those are.

You just need to know how to type into a textbox.

Like this…

That text box is your new VA.

Before you read any further I want to tell you who this isn’t for.

But This Isn’t for You if You…

  • Love to do everything on your own
  • Want to master every single aspect of your business and lose time doing the things you enjoy
  • Aren’t trying to create more freedom for yourself

If you don’t fit into those categories, keep reading.

But What About Authenticity?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan when AI started popping up everywhere I looked. I spent years learning everything you should do to build a great business and make money online.

I learned copywriting, content creation, and product creation!

Now knowing those things is always going to be important, but DOING them every day is no longer a requirement.

You can use AI to do those things for you. Here’s how I’m using it to help me get past the things I DON’T like about starting a blog so that I can focus on the things I LOVE about blogging.

Sometimes it seems unfair! The new kids coming up aren’t going to have the same hurdles you and I had.

But that’s how things go and now I’ve fully embraced AI in helping me with almost every aspect of my business.

With AI I never…

  • Run out of content ideas
  • Hesitate about what to put on my sales pages
  • Struggle to find what to cover to grow my business

I’m using it now to help a friend launch a side project. Something that would take us days or weeks to nail down is taking us hours.

You Have Been Waiting for This

AI isn’t going away. If you’re not going to use it then the people you are competing against will.

They’ll move faster than you. Get more done. And have more time for themselves.

You know those big-time gurus with 100s of thousands of followers that seem to pump out content non-stop?

They have TEAMS of people helping them.

Now you can do what they do without a team.

It’s time you onboard your own AI VA (virtual assistant).

And that’s where this challenge comes in.

With this challenge, I will walk you through all aspects of integrating AI into your workflow including:

  • Idea generation – an endless supply of ideas for future products and content
  • Content creation – AI does the labor, and you supervise and sign off
  • Outlining and developing your offers – this is especially helpful when you get stuck in “I don’t know where to start mode”
  • Writing sales pages – Yes, you heard that right. No more staring at a blank page while your offer is just sitting there waiting to be sold
  • And lots more…

From beginning to end in just 7 days.

Introducing the 24/7 VA System

The main component of the 24/7 VA System is a 7-day challenge.

The original challenge was held in April. Now it’s up and ready for you to go through whenever you’re ready.

By the end of the Challenge, you’ll have everything set up and you’ll be lightyears ahead of your competition.

  • Pre-Challenge: Getting up to speed on what AI is and how people use it daily to grow their businesses.
  • Day 0: Welcome and the tools that we will be using
  • Day 1: Using AI to generate unlimited offer ideas and making sure those offer ideas will work
  • Day 2: Can AI really help create your offers? We’re going to find out…(hint: yes, it can)
  • Day 3: Turn your AI VA into an unstoppable sales copywriter.
  • Day 4: Creating your sales sequence from beginning to end.
  • Day 5: Long-form content ideas and content generation, including how to turn a TikTok into a blog post into a YouTube video!
  • Day 6: Social media content ideas and generation.
  • Day 7: Putting it all together, including 3 bonus lessons on how to set your offers up to sell with ConvertKit.

Do I Need to Wait 7 Days for Everything?

Not at all. This is just how things are broken down within the challenge. But if you’d rather be a lone wolf, then go for it. You can do it all in one day, or take your time for however long you want.

What Else Is Included…

  • AI 101: If you aren’t up to speed on AI and GPT then this will get you up to speed.
  • Prompt Hacks Database: Mastering AI is all about prompt engineering. Find out what secrets you can use to get the most out of your VA.
  • Finding Your Style: Nobody likes reading from a robot. Learn how to customize your VA to suit your style.
  • Setting Up to Sell Masterclass: If you’re going to have a VA create content and help with offers, then you need to make sure you get everything set up correctly to sell it.
  • GPT CRISP Prompt Cheat Sheet: So that you know exactly what to ask ChatGPT to get a relevant and unique to you output every time.

Oh, and There Is More…

The 24/7 VA System is becoming my signature offer. That means I’ll continue to add to and improve upon it.

This time, to make sure it’s accessible regardless of where you are in your digital product journey, I’ve broken things down into Phases. So whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to scale, this will work and there are specific instructions based on your Phase.

Grab the 24/7 VA System Today

This comes with a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee so if you find that your AI VA is just too good at everything and making you feel bad, then you can get your money back.

The question now is, can you afford to continue to try and do everything on your own? How much more time can be wasted getting in your own way?

Is This Really for You?

It doesn’t matter if you have offers or not. If you have funnels set up or not.

Your AI VA will either:

  • Help you start from scratch
  • Improve what you already have
  • Try a new angle on things that aren’t working

All for less than $1 a day.

It’s bad marketing to say an offer is for everyone, but there isn’t a single creator that wouldn’t benefit from adding AI into their workflow.

One Last Thing

Since you made it this far, there’s one more thing I want to tell you about the AI VA System.

“VA” doesn’t really just stand for Virtual Assistant.

It also stands for Virtual Advisor.

There have been so many times where I’ve sat at my desk, overthinking a problem and getting stuck in my head and I know it held me back.

But not anymore.

Now, when I start the “stuck in my head” spiral, I turn to my Virtual Advisor and start asking questions until I have a plan of action.

I’ve never felt more confident in my ideas now that I have a completely unbiased, secret “advisor” to help me work through them.

You can have your own, too.