The 3-Year Plan

Okay, I’m going to set a goal and give myself 90 days to reach it.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Well you might be asking what the goal is.

Some goals can easily be achieved in 90 days. Others? Not so much.

So it totally depends on the goal.

However, what if you give yourself 3 years to reach a goal?

Well, it still depends on the goal, but a LOT more goals can be achieved in 3 years than 90 days, right?

When you’re starting a business it’s very easy to set a deadline for things. Most people do between 6 months to a year and I can understand it. Who wants to work on something for longer than 12 months that doesn’t make money?

However, building a business is different.

You should definitely be able to make money in less than a year, but should you have the final goal of your business all set by then?

Probably not.

However, what happens if you decide that you’re going to dedicate 3 years to something?

It feels like anything is possible then, right?

So why not decide that you’re going to dedicate 3 years to your business. No matter what ups and downs you go through, you’re going to stick it out for 3 years.

At the end of the 3 years you can take an assessment of things to see where you’re at and decide if it’s time to bail.

Now, that doesn’t mean quit your job and rely on your business to make money during this time.

If you need a job, get a job.

However, you still have to apply the 3 years to your business.

Give it a shot.

Let me know how it turns out.

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