Do you want to know my worst quality?

Yes, I have plenty but do you want to know my worst?

I hate doing the final 20% of anything.

I don’t mind doing the first 80% because then that means things are good enough to get out the door, but what I’ve found is that it’s those who can do the final 20% are the ones that stand out.

The difficulty is understand what that final 20% is.

With a landing page it might be adding a couple of well-placed photos to really sell the offer.

On a YouTube video it might be making a couple more edits and adding some sound design to things.

Some people are great at the final 20%. My wife is one. My Dad is another.


Not even close.

I’m good if you let me work on other things and then come back to the thing that needs the final 20%. But if you want me to work only on that from 0% to 100% then there is no chance of that happening.

I’ll have to get better at that, but that’s also when you need to look and see what things you can do to make the first 80% go faster.

If you’re creating sales pages are their templates you can start with that take care of the 80% while your tweaks are the final 20%?

If you’re building out funnels are their previous emails that you’ve already written that can be reworked into them?

Maybe I hate the final 20% because I always start at 0% from scratch.

Hm, that’s something for me to think about.

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